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28 Sep 2010

THE STORAGE of Philippe Pasqua opens its doors!

Mea Culpa, Philippe Pasqua

THE STORAGE of Philippe Pasqua opens its doors!


Inaugural exhibition at the Storage :
MEA CULPA, highlighting new major works by Philippe Pasqua. From September to December, 2010

Aurélie Storti
+ 33 139 09 99 24


33 rue du Fond de Vaux
95310 Saint-Ouen L'Aumône

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In Pontoise, in the Paris Region, Philippe Pasqua inaugurates a new space devoted to collective, innovative artistic experimentation as well as his own work.

THE STORAGE: a unique location, multiple propositions

A display and storage space, workshop and museum exhibition location, and sculpture garden: THE STORAGE is all that and more. For Philippe Pasqua it is also a laboratory, a platform for work and reflection intended to promote international artistic encounters, exchanges, and collaboration.

Starting on September 30, art collectors, professionals, and aficionados, as well as teachers and students—and let us not forget the general public—will have an opportunity to delve into the artist's world. His latest monumental works made in Carrara will be on display in the sculpture garden.

In the near future, a programme of collective exhibitions, events, and meetings will be publicized. With an emphasis on dialogue and collaboration, artists will be invited to work there on a regular basis.

Situated in the nearby Paris suburbs, THE STORAGE promises to be a place open to different audiences devoted to contemporary creation in all its forms: contemporary art, design, new technologies (sound and image), photography, architecture, etc.

MEA CULPA: an inaugural exhibition highlighting new major works by Philippe Pasqua

'Like Bacon or Freud before him, whose obstinate work of destruction/reconstruction of the real world he has greatly pondered, Philippe Pasqua once again brings us the essential strangeness of the world and the human figure'(Michel Waldberg, Philippe Pasqua, Éditions de la Différence, 2005)

Philippe Pasqua has been painting bodies and faces in a nearly compulsive manner for more than twenty years. Those who, like Pierre Restany, knew him in the early days were immediately struck by the physical and emotional power emanating from his canvasses. When this work is examined with a retrospective eye, one cannot help being struck by the inescapable nature and coherence of the path that brought him to his most recent works, to be shown at this exhibition.

MEA CULPA resonates both as a bitter avowal and a profession of faith. It is an expression of the passion felt by the artist for the human figure and for the substance of paint, the lines of drawings, and the density of sculpture.
Beyond the exhibition of images, MEA CULPA is also an interrogation, a visceral question about the means and challenges involved in representing the face and body today.

Handicaps, differences, obscene or sacred... This is the fruit of a struggle, a tension between what can be shown and 'tolerated' and what is 'unshowable', socially repressed or concealed.

Portraits of the blind, violent bodies, vanities: a recent set of nearly fifty paintings, works on paper, and monumental sculptures will be shown on this occasion.

Press contacts : SylviaBeder CommunicationCulture
Romane Dargent /
+33 1 43 20 51 07