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02 Jun 2021

OPEN CALL PROGRAMME 2021/22 | Kunstpavillon & Neue Galerie Innsbruck | Tyrolean Artists' Association

Tyrolean Artists' Association | Kunstpavillon & Neue Galerie Innsbruck


OPEN CALL PROGRAMME 2021/22 | Kunstpavillon & Neue Galerie Innsbruck | Tyrolean Artists' Association SUBMISSION DEADLINE 04.07.2021

Cornelia Reinisch-Hofmann

Tyrolean Artists' Association
Rennweg 8a
6020 Innsbruck

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Call for Proposals, Programme 2021/22
Kunstpavillon & Neue Galerie Innsbruck, Tyrolean Artists' Association


For the first time this year, the annual programme for Kunstpavillon and Neue Galerie Innsbruck is being announced with a specific theme. The annually changing theme will be developed on the basis of current discourses and socio-political issues, which can be addressed artistically and curatorially in a local and a global context. At the same time, it frames the scope of content for a programme period.

Exhibition projects for the year 2021/2022 can be submitted until 04.07.2021 via the online platform on the homepage of the Tyrolean Artists' Association. Artists and curators from all artistic disciplines, media and practices are eligible to participate.


'My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool;
it gives me all the world and exiles me from it.'
Ursula K. Le Guin

In a present shaped by a pandemic, virulent socio-political issues and the big question of how we live together seem to have fallen by the wayside. The nation state assumes the role of a crisis manager, while visions of a backward-looking future solidify and historical amnesia sweeps across broad sections of society. But surely, isn't this very moment one with the inherent potential to accentuate speculative utopias and counter-narratives, to renegotiate ways of living together and empathy in a local and global context? And to look for ways to integrate diversity on our planet into everyday considerations? How can our relationship with the environment be shaped responsibly? And what ways of living together have proved/or could prove to be beneficial?

The annual programme for the Kunstpavillon & Neue Galerie Innsbruck is entitled 'Dancing at the Edge of the World' and aims to address this current rift; devote itself to artistic & curatorial concepts that unfold imaginative worlds, approach future other-worlds in a speculative manner, and tell stories that have been neglected by the canon of historiography. The title is borrowed from an essay collection of the same name by Ursula K. Le Guin, in which the feminist science-fiction author outlines alternative social and collective fields of possibility that are not anchored in a colonial, patriarchal and xenophobic narrative structure.

'Dancing at the Edge of the World' is intended to serve as a framing of the content and a heading for a programme period of the same name. From November 2021 to August 2022, five exhibition projects will be realised under this leitmotif in the Kunstpavillon and the Neue Galerie Innsbruck. Concrete projects (solo or group exhibitions), newly developed site-, context- and research-based projects, as well as existing ones may be submitted. There will be no limits set on the artistic and curatorial formats and media used.


The Kunstpavillon is located a few minutes' walk from Innsbruck city centre, in the so-called Kleiner Hofgarten. The building was constructed in 1842 as the summer house of the provincial governor and adapted into a gallery with overhead lighting in 1950. The room measures approx. 175 m².

Neue Galerie Innsbruck
The Neue Galerie Innsbruck comprises 95 m² of exhibition space and is located on the ground floor of the Hofburg, the Imperial Palace of Innsbruck, at the entrance to Innsbruck's old city
district. The historic vaults were thoroughly refurbished at the beginning of 2011. In contrast to the Kunstpavillon, the rooms can easily be darkened for projections.

Floor plans and images for download can be found on our homepage:

Projects may also be conceived as interspatial, i.e. involving both exhibition venues equally; as well as including the Kunstpavillon's terrace and roof, and the window fronts of the two galleries.


• Production budget per submitted project is 2,500 euros (this includes costs incurred for exhibition architecture, material, travel, accommodation and transport costs)
• Total artist fee of max. 1,000 euros

• Production budget per submitted project 3,000 euros (this includes costs incurred for exhibition architecture, material, travel, accommodation and transport costs)
• Total artist fee of max. 1,000 euros

Technical equipment and materials from the inventory of both exhibition houses will be available free of charge, following consultation. Assistance with set-up and dismantling will be given by the technical team on site. A list of available technical equipment can be sent on request to

Curatorial and technical production support will be given throughout the implementation of the projects. There will also be opportunities for outreach formats and an accompanying programme to the projects.

• Completed data sheet
• Outline of the submitted project's content, which may also include outreach formats as well as an accompanying programme (approx. 2,000 characters).
• Illustrative material, sketches, visualisation and similar
• Technical specifications
• Calculation of costs
• Short biography and documentation of the artistic practice over the last three years (max. 10 photos)
• Films and video works via Vimeo, Youtube or Dropbox link. Please do not send WeTransfer links.

Applications must be submitted in writing, in English or German. They must be uploaded directly as a PDF via the upload link at the end of the data sheet. Only one PDF file with a maximum size of 10 MB may be uploaded per applicant. Submission by post or email is not acceptable.

Margarethe Drexel (artist, Innsbruck/Los Angeles)
Luigi Fassi (artistic director, MAN Contemporary Art Museum, Nuoro, Italy)
Petra Poelzl (artistic director, Kunstpavillon & Neue Galerie Innsbruck, Innsbruck/Berlin)



Calendar week 28: The jury will select up to 10 projects.
Week 29: Open questions concerning the selected projects should be clarified in short online meetings.
Applicants will be informed of the outcome of the jury sitting by email during week 30.


We can only consider submissions uploaded directly via the online platform on the homepage of the Tyrolean Artist' Association. Submissions by post or email will not be accepted.

Entrants have no legal claim arising from their participation. The jury's decision is final. The jury reserves the right to select individual positions from group submissions or to propose group exhibitions from solo submissions.

Submissions received late, or those not completed in full will not be included in the selection process. All applicants will be informed of the results of the selection process by e-mail.