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19 Jul 2020

Live Online Course by BERLIN ART INSTITUTE

image caption: Emma Waltraud Howes, Archaic Remnants, 2020, photo collage

THE ROYAL ROAD TO THE (sub)CONSCIOUS: Improvisation and adaptability as life tools in times of precarity


Duration: August 12 – September 02, 2020 Enroll by August 10, 2020 Lecturer: Emma Waltraud Howes Participation fee: 180 EUR


An der Industriebahn 12-16
13088 Berlin

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'The Royal Road to the (sub)Conscious is a four-week course dedicated to the ritual of 'soft head-banging' and the practice of improvisation and adaptability as life tools in times of precarity. In contrast to the violent head-banging associated with death metal music, 'soft head-banging' instead appropriates the gesture and transforms it by emphasizing bodily care. In the guided process of the workshop students are encouraged to amplify their movements and express their personal intentions with clarity to the furthest reaches of their capabilities and imagination.

The interdisciplinary online course will introduce practical tools and material methods to support a diverse studio practice. Exercises will be divided into four-weekly cycles that will progress over time, and will include: writing, collage, drawing, notation techniques, and 'tea cups'—an exercise from the Chinese martial arts Bagua, a system for practicing a circular sequence of movements for managing multiple opponents at once. The process-oriented course is intended to reference durcharbeiten (a process of working through, by means of labor)—a method used in psychoanalysis whereby a person learns to accept elements of the unconscious to free themselves from a compulsion to repeat.' (Text by courtesy of Emma Waltraud Howes)

Video conferences every Wednesday from 6 – 8 pm (Berlin time). We record the live sessions so that they remain available for the course participants.

Duration: August 12 – September 02, 2020
Enroll by: August 10, 2020
Lecturer: Emma Waltraud Howes
Participation fee: 180 EUR




WEEK 1: The Royal Road to the Conscious Requires Tea Cups

WEEK 2: Soft Head-bang or How to Conduct a Flustered Symphony

WEEK 3: Solitary Laugh or Solo Musical Chairs

WEEK 4: Lucid Saunter or This is not an Exorcism



Emma Waltraud Howes (born 1976, Toronto, CA) works as a translator between movement and form. Her focus is on the development of an expanded choreographic practice that incorporates public interventions, kinaesthetic and architectural research, and graphic scores for performances. Her interdisciplinary works are informed by her background in dance, performance theory, and the visual arts and are guided by observations of bodily gestures.



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