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30 Nov 2020

Masterstudio Design – Basel: Call for applications

Charleen Elberskirch
The T-shirt as mapping tool, 2019
© Masterstudio Design

Apply Now: Transdisciplinary Master's degree program in Design
Institute Integrative Design | Masterstudio – Academy of Art and Design FHNW


Admission procedures take place twice a year. Registration deadline: March 15, 2021 Registration deadline: July 15, 2021

Nathalie Bahala
+41 61 228 40 66
+41 61 467 48 85

Institute Integrative Design | Masterstudio
Freilager-Platz 1, Postfach
4023 Basel

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«Masterstudio Design» is the Master's degree program in Design in which inquisitive individuals from disciplines such as industrial design, fashion design, scenography, architecture, visual communication, the arts as well as from related sciences and humanities, develop new perspectives for their professional careers.
Masterstudio Design aggregates four Studios, each facilitating emphases of interests and skills within a transdisciplinary curriculum.

Studio Integrative Design portrays the Master's degree core program. With a consistently interdisciplinary bias, it reflects the belief that urging challenges in rapidly transforming lifeworlds can no longer be adequately addressed by isolated disciplines. The Studio promotes an integral understanding of the manifold implications and opportunities of design agency.
Candidates have a university or college degree in a design discipline, the visual or app lied arts, architecture or related humanities and technical subject areas.

Leitmotif of the Master's degree emphasis program Studio Fashion Design is Fashion Entrepreneurship: the ability to develop one's own creative vision in a changing fashion system, to implement it and to situate it in the market on the basis of innovative strategies. By challenging the current practice of fashion, the objective lies in the development of alternative and sustainable design concepts that produce
a high degree of independence and a self-confident establishment in the market.
Candidates have a university or college degree or equivalent qualification in fashion design, textile design, costume design or a related subject area.

The Master's degree emphasis program Studio Scenography & Exhibition Design aims to qualify independent auteur designers to occupy progressive positions in the field of scenography. Relevance in the sense of social scenography, the economical appropriateness of the employed means and the use of contemporary production techniques outline the scope of the project work.
Candidates have a university or college degree in scenography, interior design, exhibition design or a relate d subject area.

The Master's degree emphasis program Studio Industrial Design is geared to promote a discerning, individual and research-oriented training in order to succeed in the competitive professional design sector.
The Studio focuses on three areas: International Cooperation, Advanced Design Methods and Associated Professionals who collaborate exclusively with the Studio Industrial Design.
Candidates have a university or college degree in industrial design, product design, furniture design or a related subject area.