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23 Jan 2020

Opening of IRMEL KAMP at IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art

Irmel Kamp, Bruxelles(Basserie Wielemans Ceuppens),Gelatin silver print, Baryth Paper, 50x60, 1997, © Irmel Kamp

IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art


Vernissage: February 2nd at 5 p.m. Opening hours: Tuesday through Sunday from 1 to 6 p.m. Closed on Mondays

Ingrid Mossoux

IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art
Rotenberg 12b
4700 Eupen

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Talking about Irmel Kamp's photography, a discourse about architecture is inevitable, because only a few other photographers have focused their creative output so intensively on architecture. Irmel Kamp has a sensitive gaze with which she identifies and documents the relationships between building and builder. Her black-and-white photographs show not only the spirit of the era that breathes through a building, but also the ravages of time that gnaws at it unremittingly. Even if it is only in rare and exceptional cases that human beings appear in her pictorial world, it is them who are ultimately the centre of concern.

With Brussels and Tel Aviv, the IKOB – Museum for Contemporary Art is the first museum to present a solo show with regard to this artist. The point of departure consists of two series of works which have occupied Irmel Kamp's attention for decades. The juxtaposition of both series offers an impressive demonstration of how similar the sources of both building traditions areand how strong an impact the architects who were compelled to emigrate had on the image of the new Israel. At the same time, the Brussels pictures show how vividly influences from Belgium's former colonies are inscribed into the country's capital.

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