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24 May 2019

Call for participation in the IX FKL symposium on soundscape

FKL [Forum for Soundscape]



Francesco Michi

FKL [Forum Klanglandschaft]
c/o L. Schwarz, Jacob Burckhardt-Str. 16
4058 Basel

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FKL (Forum Klanglandschaft) and Teatro Zemrude invite you to present theoretical papers, musical works, sound and video installations, related to the theme of the soundscape for the ninth FKL symposium which will take place in San Cesario di Lecce (LE, Italy), from 3 to 6 October 2019. The symposium will be held in an old distillery, Distilleria De Giorgi, one of the most interesting and impressive monuments of industrial archeology in southern Italy, recently converted into a cultural space.

The conference is held as part of the project 'Alchemy - the De Giorgi Distillery artistic community residence' and offers the opportunity to present reports for the congress, sound works, installations and videos.

The proposed theme involves an extremely wide-ranging spectrum of examples and human activities: the soundscape of the working day of a worker tending assembly machinery, or a call-centre worker, or a teacher, or a cobbler, are all extremely diverse and at the same time potentially interesting because of the implied interactions and the lived lives connected with the activities. The soundscape of a game of soccer, or a game of cards, the sound of the courtyard in a residential building where children play at hopscotch or tag, or the sound of games at local festivals, or videogames that are ever more akin to virtual reality, in principle all these offer an equal number of points of interest and of reflection, possibilities for listening and interpreting the reality that surrounds us. In a more extended sense, the time of play and the time of work are tied to activities in which the human being follows very varied dynamics, often antithetical, in some cases convergent. The space that will host us, from this point of view, constitutes a synthesis with a metaphoric significance: a work space dedicated to the production of alcoholic beverages, whose function is in its turn bound with conviviality, with enjoyment, with the pleasure of living. Our title therefore can lead us to the allegory of the singing Grasshopper and the hard-working Ant, the protagonists of Aesop's fable, so as to bring our attention to the theme of sounds and to how we listen to them in these contexts. […]
For further details and points of reflection:

So we welcome creative studies and proposals that tackle, even individually, the themes of sound practice in activities of play and of work. The proposals can be linked to ethnographic and sociological analyses, or to aspects of medicine and healthcare, or they may be linked to completely different disciplinary fields and investigate in innovative ways the vast phenomenon of the soundscape deriving from the world of work and of play.

Work through play and play through work in the soundscape symposium.

In line with our attempt to create a specific setting for the activities at the meeting, we propose a new form of organization of spaces and times, the aim being to make this organization functional for the contents being dealt with. We will experiment with the decontextualization of the sites and the moments dedicated to the scientific activities and to the activities regarding appreciation of the creative proposals: morning and afternoon concerts, evening lectures as playtime: a sound hunt as a collective game-cum-research to spark off a performative activity that involves participants in the symposium together with the local community.

There will be scientific sessions for papers of maximum 20 minutes. If you want to propose a paper send an abstract (max 3000 characters) and a brief CV (max 1500 characters) in your native language and in English using the form to be found at:
There will be a stereo system and a video projector available.

Send a brief description of the work (max 3000 characters) and a brief CV (max 1500 characters) in your native language and in English using the form to be found at:

Furthermore, a stereo recording for evaluation should be sent in FLAC format (16 bit e 44.1 KHz) in a zip file which must also contain a copy of the description and the CV to:, via Wetransfer or similar systems.
In the name of the file the name of the composer, preceded by 'FKL2019.soundwork' must appear (

The proposed work should have a maximum length of 10', it can be of a purely acousmatic nature or may include a small number of live performers whose presence at the symposium is the responsibility of the composer. Stereo, quadriphonic and via Acousmonium presentations are possible.

Sound instalations and videos
Send a brief description (max 3000 characters), a brief CV (max 1500 characters) in your native language and in English using the form to be found at:

The documentation with attachments (lms, audio les, etc.) must be sent in a single zip file to:, via Wetransfer or similar systems.
In the name of the file the name of the composer, preceded by 'FKL2019.installation-video' must appear (FKL2019.

Send also a documentation file which should contain photos, drawings or video simulation of the installation, explain exactly the working of the installation, specify the necessary technical data, space and other requirements.
At you can see the pictures of Distilleria De Giorgi and a map with the spaces that, for the moment, are destined to the various initiatives of the symposium.

The transportation and setting up of special technical and support material for the installations within the Distilleria De Giorgi means that the organizers and the authors of the works face challenging logistical questions that require careful consideration. Therefore, you are asked to indicate AS PRECISELY AS POSSIBLE all the technical, spatial and logistic requirements for the installation and to specify what you will bring along yourself and what should be provided by FKL. The proposals whose realization can be carried out by the artist in technical autonomy will be privileged. A film or a video simulation of the installation would be welcome.


The deadline for the presentation of proposals is 15 JUNE, 2019.

The scientific-artistic selection committee will consist of members of FKL and TEATRO ZEMRUDE and their choice of the papers, the musical works, video works and installations to be presented at the symposium is final.

The list of the selected works will be published by 10 August, 2019.

Please be advised that for the presentation of an accepted work the author must be or become a member of FKL. Modalities and membership fees can be found at

We expect those who propose papers to take part personally in the presentation of their work.

The organization cannot pay for travel, lodging and food expenses. A list of low-price hotels will be published on the website. We will gladly supply letters of confirmation for your applications for financial support.

For info and details write to: