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14 Feb 2019

Call for applications: MA Contemporary Arts Practice at the University of the Arts Bern

Call for applications: MA Contemporary Arts Practice Bern
University of the Arts Bern, Switzerland


Call for applications March 15th 2019!

Andrea Gohl, Head of Studies
+41 31 848 42 02
+41 31 848 38 51

MA Contemporary Arts Practice / HKB
Schwabstrasse 10
3018 Bern

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Study Fine Arts, Sound Arts, Performance Art, Creative Writing/Translation

The Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice (MA CAP) is a transdisciplinary programme for artists engaged in Fine Arts, Sound Arts, Performance Art, and Creative Writing/Literary Translation. The programme aims to foster independent artistic positions in a context of collective and interdisciplinary relationships.

Fine Arts
In the Fine Arts specialisation current developments in art and the historical foundations of art are the reference for students' work. Static and moving pictures in analogue or digital form, sculpture and installation techniques are options as much as conceptual and performative approaches or the treatment of social processes and documentary strategies. The course is notable for its strong engagement with the professional demands of sound, words and performative production.

Sound Arts
In this programme the main focus is on sound art, experimental and electronic music. Students develop compositions, sound installations or other sound-based art forms. In seminars and lectures exemplary works of sound art from the past and present are discussed and analyzed. We teach compositional strategies and approach the subject matter from a contemporary and historical-theoretical point of view. Reference to one's own work is a key focus. The aim is not to solely work on the development of one's own artistic practices, but also to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of contemporary compositions and art forms. In the MA CAP the interaction between the visual, performative, literary and sound aspects, brings students from different artistic areas together, encourages exchange and enables collaborative working.

Literary Writing/Translation
Literature reacts to other arts, just as much as it influences them. Students hoping to practice their literary art in the field of tension of contemporary art production and its advanced reflection, find in the CAP a wide range of teachers and students with diverse backgrounds. Alongside this vibrant exchange and proximity, they work on their own texts of all genres, under the supervision of mentors. This constitutes the core of the students` individual study profiles. Something unique about the CAP is, that the work of the literary translators (with the source languages German, French, Spanish, Italian, English and Russian and the target languages German or French) is regarded as artistic production. The offers for translators are expanded thanks to a cooperation with the 'Centre de la Traduction Littéraire' at the University of Lausanne.

In the sense of physical presence, real or conceptual action, performance occurs in various artistic fields. It addresses certain issues relating to body, space and time. Considering the transdisciplinary history of performance, we understand it as a varied and open field of general performativity. Performance is regarded as part of all the different artistic disciplines united under the umbrella of the CAP. As an active form and physical action, it
resides within music, fine arts and also literary writing and occurs in close connection with these separate forms. In addition, the focus on performativity opens up new forms of representation, viewing and listening, participating, which the studies are supposed to explore in the practical work as well as in the theoretical reflection.


To participate in the admissions procedure, prospective students need a Bachelor`s degree in Music, Fine Arts, Literary Writing or an equivalent diploma. In case of extraordinary artistic talent, people from other educational or professional backgrounds will also be accepted. If specific competencies are lacking, due to a change of subject, the Head of Studies can demand the acquiry of these competencies before or during the studies.

The lectures languages are German, French and English. In all fields of studies, one-to-one tuition is possible in German, French and English.

Application & portfolio submission: 15 March 2019
Interviews: 23, 24, 25, 29 & 30 April, 1 & 2 May, 2019
Feedbacks: 7 May 2019

Start of studies: September 2019

Location: MA Contemporary Arts Practice, University of the Arts Bern, Schwabstrasse 10, 3018 Bern, Switzerland

Please contact us with any queries at | +41 31 848 42 02

We look forward to receiving your applications!