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18 Oct 2019

IKOB - Art Prize for Feminist Art

Helen Anna Flanagan, Gestures of Anatomy, 2019, video still, 13'00

IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art


Opening Hours Tuesday through Sunday from 1 to 6 p.m. Closed on Mondays Vernissage // October 20th 5 p.m.

Frank-Thorsten Moll

IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art
Rotenberg 12b
4700 Eupen

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This year, for the first time in its 26 year history, the IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art in Eupen has specifically announced the IKOB - Art Prize as a prize for feminist art. Both female and male artists whose work contributes to the dissemination of feminist ideas and ideals were invited. A total of 326 portfolios from Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands were submitted. Three winners and three additional honorary places were awarded. The winner Helen Anna Flanagan convinced the jury with her independent visual language, which she developed in the medium of video. At IKOB she shows 'Gestures of Anatomy' (2019), a film about the repetition of biological processes and the position of women in these processes. With her installations 'With the gloves on' (2019), the second-placed Julia Lübbecke exhibits her latest work, which shows itself as a multi-layered visualization of various struggles for equality. Andrea Radermacher-Mennicken, winner of the regional prize, displays the multitude of possible feminisms with her group of works consisting of plaster sculptures in the form of Ypsilons. Megan-Leigh Heilig, whose spatial installation 'Urinary Arrogance (Manne can piss)' (2019) refers to the fact that urinating in public space is a privilege reserved for men - a sanitary sexism, as she calls it. Benjamín Ramírez Pérez's film 'Confluence' (2018) unfolds the life of the Serbian pop singer Doris Bizetic and connects her with the architecture and history of her home country Serbia. In her film 'Orion Debacle' (2019), Vanja Smiljanic examines the functioning of a civilization called Orion that disappeared 8000 years ago, which she reconstructs with the help of the memories of some people who are convinced that they lived at that time.

The opening will take place at IKOB - Museum for Contemporary Art in Eupen at Sunday 20th at 5 p.m. The artists will be present.