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17 Jan 2019

Creative Eastern European Scholarship in Exhibition Development

Creative Eastern European Scholarship in Exhibition Development
Danube University Krems


Scholarship application DEADLINE -
January 30, 2019 Course Start - March 30, 2019 send digital application materials to


Danube University Krems
Dr. Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems

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In cooperation with the Federal Chancellery of Austria, Department for European and International Cultural Policy, the Department of Image Sciences of the Danube University awards a half-scholarship for participation in the program 'Exhibition Development'. The renowned program will start on the March 30, 2019 for the ninth time in the UNESCO World Cultural Landscape Wachau.

==> Scholarship application DEADLINE - January 30, 2019 ==> Course Start - March 30, 2019
send digital application materials to

==>SCHOLARSHIP - The scholarship is for the amount of 2.250€, paid by the Danube University.

The scholarship covers half the participation costs of the course. The travel to and living in Austria is estimated at 500€ for each of 3 modules. Thus, the entire 30 ECTS - 2 semester course would be approximately 3.750€ instead of 6.000€.

International students who chose to live in Austria between the modules of April-August may be eligible to apply for Erasmus+ credit mobility funds. Ask your university international office for help.

==>TARGET GROUP - The target group is working professionals who want to deepen and build up their theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as emerging professionals looking for new perspective in their career. Staff in museums, collections and similar institutions, promoters and curators of art, culture or science, staff in tourist or leisure learning establishments and anyone building or updating their skills in exhibition project realization are potential applicants.

The target audience of the Creative Eastern European Scholarship in Exhibition Development is emerging professionals from Eastern Europe in various stages of their careers who would benefit from a 'crash-course' to accelerate their skills beyond learning-by-doing, or those who seek access to cutting-edge developments in the field.

==>JURY - A jury composed of both institutions decides on the award.

The half-scholarship is eligible for all nationalities, focusing on those working in Eastern Europe's Creative and Cultural Sector. Award criteria take into consideration aspects of relevance, impact and development potential.

==>EXHIBITION DEVELOPMENT - This modularized and low-residency certified program offered in English imparts the core skills of contemporary exhibition practice. In addition to individual study and project work at your home location, students gather for three intense week-long seminars with internationally active practitioners.

==> BRAIN TRUST - Frank den OUDSTEN (designer, teacher, writer, performer), Pat MUNRO (exhibition evaluator), Christiane PAUL (curator; Whitney Museum of Art), Stefan IGLHAUT (exhibition designer & museum planner), Oliver GRAU (research professor for Image Science; Danube University), Brigitte FELDERER (freelance author and exhibition developer) Dr. Dieter BOGNER (museum planner), Christopher LINDINGER (Director of Research & Innovation; Ars Electronica), Becky GILBERT (board member; European Fundraising Association), Enrique GUITART (freelance curator and exhibit developer); Wendy COONES (head of teaching in Ex-Dev, MediaArtHistories and Media Arts Cultures at DanubeU), and others.

==>PROGRAM - As part of the post-graduate masters program at the Department for Image Science, credits earned in Exhibition Development can be combined with other programs like MediaArtHistories, Photography, Image & Science, or Digital Collections Management to upgrade to an academic expert or masters degree.

==> DANUBE UNIVERSITY - located 70km from Vienna in the UNESCO world heritage Wachau region, DanubeU specializes in advanced low-residency degree programs for working professionals and life-long learners. Portions of the modules are held at DanubeU's Center for Image Science, housed in the Göttweig Monastery, a 14th century building remodeled to fit the needs of modern media arts research in singular surroundings.

Further information on the program: