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26 Jul 2018

TWO DAYS LEFT FOR THE EXHIBITION OF Jan Dilenschneider at Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier (Paris)

Jan Dilenschneider Windows on Life#1 36x 36 inches oil on canvas

Sublimer la nature
'We can never have enough of nature!'
H.D. Thoreau
Galerie Pierre Alain Challier


Exhibition ends 28h of July

Press Contact: Sylvia Beder

Galerie Pierre Alain Challier
8, rue Debelleyme
75003 Paris

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'We can never have enough of nature!' H.D. Thoreau


The American artist has shared with the Parisian public her recent paintings celebrating the wild beauty of our endangered planet.

Jan Dilenschneider draws on her powerful passion for painting to reassert her determination to preserve the beauty of nature. Her life's work is to inspire love for the planet.
Louis Benech, the famous paysagist said 'Jan Dilenschneider's paintings portray the contradiction between nature's true fragility and our unswerving tendency o believe that's it eternal-in all our conscious unconsciousness.

The triumph of Nature and the power of Painting

'If words could say everything, we would have no need for artists' summarizes Jan Dilenschneider.
'I paint to share my emotions when confronted with the splendor of nature – that is my message. I want my audience to fall in love with nature once again; I want to establish a dialog with them that will lead them to share in the feeling that beauty will save the world.' Her ambitions extend beyond the scope of a mere artistic project. 'The purpose of my work is to encourage people to protect the beauty of our planet by directing attention to the dangers that threaten it, without guilt-tripping the people viewing my paintings. By looking at them thoughtfully, one can grasp both the fragility of nature and its power. Painting has the power to convey this understanding of the world.'

The long perspectives of large stretches open up a realm of possibilities: the mysteries of vegetation, imagination, and the freedom to daydream. It is simply impossible for her to remain impassive when confronted the threat of ecological catastrophe. Her sensibility is constantly alert; her emotions dictate her motions and her choice of colors.

A piece of paradise to represent the entire planet
While the artist enhances nature and divides it into diptychs and triptychs, the titles of her works are quite simple, transparent and without real poetic effect. Instead they are rather descriptive in nature: grassy banks, golden atmosphere, homage to the leaves, dancing waters, etc. The landscapes are drawn from her everyday surroundings on the shores of long island sound, where colonies of artists emerged in the 20th century, like Silvermine, just a short distance from Jan's home.
While Jan paints scenery with which she is intimately familiar, it is always a piece of paradise which represents the entire planet; intertwined leaves represent luxuriant, totally unrestricted nature.
Her primary intention is to capture the essence of things so that we can all experience the emotions within her. 'In her work, she often leaves things unspoken to force the viewer to fill the void with their imagination.'

About the artist.

Jan Dilenschneider
has always lived in an environment devoted to art and culture. She grew up in Upper Arlington and graduated from The Ohio State University.
She has exhibited her paintings not only throughout the United States but in Europe, too.
They now form part of private and public collections in New York, London and Paris.
Exhibitions giving pride of place to her works have also taken place in American museums, including the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in the heart of Connecticut, the cradle of American Impressionism, the Bellarmine Museum of Art at Fairfield University, and Lockwood Matthews Mansion Museum.
Her work attracted significant attention at the Art Paris Art Fair in Grand Palais and at the Monaco Art Fair in 2016.
The year 2018 has seen her exhibit in Columbus, Ohio, at the Griffin Gallery at Creekside, and also has marked her return to Paris, at the Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier, where the public has always welcomed her enthusiastically.

Jan Dilenschneider is dedicated to environmental protection through her paintings and patronage initiatives.The American artist also created with a group of generous contributors the JANET HENNESSEY DILENSCHNEIDER SCHOLAR RESCUE PROGRAM IN THE ARTS. This program is administered by the Institute of International Education.
'Artists have the right—and maybe the obligation, because they have the platform—to make a social/political statement about the world they live in. Many artists and art scholars put their lives in danger doing this.' she confides.
To find out more:

Sylvia Beder T. + 33 (1) 42 18 09 42