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28 May 2018

APPLY NOW! Open call for futuristic art and visions for 2047

Anna Hinrichsen

Drone Dancing
Drone Dancing Society


We hereby invite you to co-create a better future through art. Drone Dancing is a tech art exhibition about envisioning life in 2047. Who or what will we be? Will technology bring the solutions to all our problems, or be our worst nightmare? Taking power over your future starts with the ability to envision it. Now, you can actively contribute to the world YOU want to live by co-creating this interdisciplinary group exhibition at Färgfabriken, Stockholm. 27 August to 7 September 2018, Färgfabriken, main exhibition hall, Stockholm, Sweden Submission deadline: 13 June 2018 Partners: Goethe-Institut, Kulturbryggan, Färgfabriken, TodaysArt, Click, CTM, Glasgow Science

Anna Hinrichsen

Drone Dancing Society
c/o Goethe-Institut Schweden, Bryggargatan 12A
11121 Stockholm

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Drone Dancing is a multi-format social art event exploring what it means to be human 29 years from now - in 2047. The first exhibition takes place at Färgfabriken in Stockholm then, the series may continue in the Netherlands, Scotland and Denmark in 2019.


This is an open call to artists, makers and scientists, and amateurs of all backgrounds: we need you to become part of this artistic swarm intelligence. The best part: this group exhibition is self-curated and self-budgeted. YOU, the participants decide yourselves which projects are being selected and funded.

Take us to futuristic scenarios we wouldn't have imagined or show exciting implications of technologies not yet invented. Literally everybody with a vision for the future may participate and get the work exhibited as a part of the international display at the main hall of Färgfabriken. You can weld, build, paint, program, play music or create a robotic architecture. Maybe you are a great storyteller, videographer, performer or workshop host. Every effort counts in the swarm.
Benefits from participating at this organizational group experiment include a challenging and unusual topic, exposure to international audiences and partners and the fun of an intense social experience. The best projects from Stockholm will get the chance to be exhibited at these events as well.


Material costs, equipment rent, travel expenses, even a fee for your time may be funded. Since it is up to the Swarm to decide whether to grant your Vision Coins, you may basically include any expense that is related to your Vision creation. The minimum amount is what you need for your project to be realized, the maximum is the nice to have amount. If you don't receive enough votes your Vision will be cancelled. Participants work completely self-sufficient, within a set of rules and values given on the homepage and must be at least 18 years old.


A) Drone Visions Group Exhibition
The co-creational, participatory self-curated and self-budgeted group exhibition is the exhibition's main feature for which you are invited to contribute.

B) Lectures, Workshops, Panels
We invite leading experts and scientist from interdisciplinary and international backgrounds to share their speculations with us.

C) Curated Artists
Färgfabriken's curator Joachim Granit and Björn Norberg hand-pick international artists with visionary artwork.

D) Events
How will we socialize in the future? Will AI music sound better than human live music? Will drones dance better than we do?

Now may be the most exciting time to live in so far. It is also the time to ensure that not only artificial intelligence evolves but also an artistic intelligence. An artistic intelligence that makes sure that the drones of the future will be dancing with - and not without us.

Our Vision: 'In 2047, geo-engineering has solved all climate problems; energy and processing power is almost for free; the average expected (healthy) lifespan has increased to 200 years; robots have taken over our jobs and, by taxing them, every human enjoys a general basic income.'

Initiated by the Goethe-Institut Schweden and made possible with funding from Kulturbryggan, Drone Dancing is an international collaboration between Färgfabriken (SWE), Goethe-Institut (GER), TodaysArt festival (NL), Glasgow Science Centre (SCO), Click Festival (DEN), and several other contributing partners. The Stockholm-based Drone Dancing Society is a non-profit organization with the aim to promote and realize interdisciplinary events and exhibitions around futuristic topics.