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05 Apr 2018


'GARDENS'. A botanical and eco-design itinerary for the ISOLA neighborhood, Milano
A project by Claudia Zanfi/ Atelier del Paesaggio


OPENING and bio appetizers in the GARDENS: > MONDAY APRIL 16th, 6-8 pm co/ RivaViva ecodesign space, via Porro Lambertenghi 18, Isola District Milan > TUESDAY APRIL 17th, 6-8 pm co/ MOMO space, Piazza Minniti 5, Isola District Milan

Claudia Zanfi

aMAZElab Art, Culture, Landscape
via Cola Montano 8
20159 Milano

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An eco-design itinerary is proposed this year for the eighteenth edition of GREEN ISLAND, during the Milano Design Week (17/22 April 2018). An urban itinerary that promises to turn the area between the Garibaldi Station and the Isola District into a colorful urban garden. The project will create a street circuit marked by 'green indications' drawn on the sidewalk, and a special project dedicated to designers of Sarajevo, supported by images of Cinzia Castagna.

GREEN ISLAND 2018. GARDENS project offers unreleased installations in artisan laboratories of the ISOLA district, a real natural itinerary that will be declined into three different themes: The Botanical Room (botanical itinerary, at RivaViva), The Wooden Room (artisan itinerary, at Algranti Lab), The Room of Creativity (sensorial itinerary, at MOMO Space; TIGER Garibaldi Station).

The artistic project proposed by Claudia Zanfi -the real 'green soul' behind the Milano Design Week at the Isola District, who states: 'ever since its pioneering launch in 2001, the GREEN ISLAND project has set out to bring the citizen back to a dimension of greater harmony between architectural and natural spaces; it aims to provide a moment of reflection and planning on urgent themes such as sustainability, urban green spaces and landscapes.' GREEN ISLAND was the first project to bring design to the streets of the Isola Neighbourhood, creating a network of over 100 local partners for the valorisation of art, crafts and territory.

OPENING and bio appetizers in the GARDENS:
Tastings of craft beers flavored with rose, hawthorn, saffron, by Agribirrificio Argenteum, Trento

> MONDAY APRIL 16th, 6-8 pm
co/ RivaViva ecodesign space, via Porro Lambertenghi 18, Isola District Milan
> TUESDAY APRIL 17th, 6-8 pm
co/ MOMO space, Piazza Minniti 5, Isola District Milan


Over 18 years of commitment to the urban and social landscape:
GREEN ISLAND ( program is founded to promote a cultural investigation on contemporary urban landscapes, providing a dialogue between community and territory. It is created out of the need to bring citizens back to a dimension of greater harmony between the city and the green public space. GREEN ISLAND sets out to provide a moment of reflection, as well as giving space to planning energies addressing key themes such as sustainability, urban green areas and the landscape as a whole. The project has been operating since 2002 in the Zona Isola Milano, between Garibaldi train station and the centre of the city, involving a large network of arts and crafts workshops, design and architecture studios, as well as proposing site-specific installations created especially for the occasion. Among the projects developed by GREEN ISLAND there is an important editorial activity, with publications dedicated to spontaneous weeds (Flora Urbana), to artists gardens (The Mobile Garden) and to new forms of urban landscape (The Gardens of Piet Oudolf). Green Island has won various international awards, including EXPO in CITY 2015; TIMBERLAND AWARD for urban creativity.

Claudia Zanfi, art historian, cultural promoter and botanist. She collaborates with public and private institutions on cultural and editorial projects, dedicated to art, society and landscape. In 2001 she founded and directs the international GREEN ISLAND program, for the implementation of public space and new urban ecologies. From 2005 to 2015 she directs the European programs ATLANTE MEDITERRANEO and ARCIPELAGO BALKANI, with projects in Sarajevo, Skopie, Tirana, Tangier, Istanbul, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Marseilles, Athens, Palermo. In 2010 she founded the school of eco-design ATELIER DEL PAESAGGIO (, for the regeneration of abandoned urban spaces, the construction of urban bee-hives and artist's gardens. She taught at the Domus Academy and at the Polytechnic of Milan; at the Middlesex Univeristy in London. She collaborates with Unesco Heritage and Council of Europe. She won the First Prize for 'Parco dell'Arte' in Mantua; she is a finalist for the projects of Lausanne Jardins (CH) and the Biennial Public Space (Barcelona).