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19 Mar 2018

Call for applications: Bachelor in Fine Arts and Master of Arts in Public Spheres

Anne-Loyse Jaques, Constructions sensibles. © Aurélie Strumans

Call for applications: Bachelor in Fine Arts and Master of Arts in Public Spheres
École cantonale d'art du Valais (ECAV)



+41 27 456 55 11

Route de la Bonne-Eau 16
3960 Sierre

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The ECAV - Ecole Cantonale d'Art du Valais is a University of the Arts situated in Southern Switzerland that offers a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a Master of Arts in Public Spheres. Due to its particular location, site-specific interventions and research have become one of its central investigation themes. Linguistic and cultural differences as well as a diversity of artistic approaches are widely represented among the students and the teachers.

Our University of the Arts in Sierre consists of three buildings, with seminars rooms and personal studio spaces for every student. The sites are former industrial spaces that were reconverted in exhibition spaces and technical workshops, with facilities for photography, IT, sound and video. Specific workshops are devoted to printmaking (woodcut, etching, lithography and silk-screen), 3D modeling and printing, and wood. Additionally, workshops for working with concrete, metal and casting, and ceramics may be used by all students.

The Bachelor in Fine Arts is a 3-year degree aimed at students who wish to follow an artistic quest situated in a socio-cultural and political context with a research-oriented and experimental approach. Besides providing access to a wide spectrum of artistic practices and theoretical reflections, the Bachelor's pedagogy fosters discussion, exchange and collective as well as individual art production. It unfolds through several exhibitions and projects on site with local and national art institutions.

The MAPS – Master of Arts in Public Spheres is a two-year degree for artists and other practitioners with a trans-disciplinary background who wish to address connections between artistic production and the public spheres. Practice and theory intertwine in the seminars, study trips and research projects proposed by students, members of the faculty and guests. Self-organization, collective work and independent culture are among the chore reflections in the program.

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