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19 Feb 2018

TRAM - train gallery / cultural centre Wien - Bratislava

Marta Kopyt / Stano Masár

Curatorial Studies Institute


Grand Openings: 19.2.2018, 11am, Hauptbahnhof Wien, Platform 3. 21.2.2018, 6pm, Bratislava Hlavná stanica, Platform 1. TRAM operates daily until November between Vienna and Bratislava

Juraj Čarný

Curatorial Studies Institute
Na Riviere 2
841 04 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

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We would like to invite you to the Grand Opening of the gallery / cultural centre in the art train - TRAM

19.2.2018, 11am, Hauptbahnhof Wien, Platform 3.
21.2.2018, 6pm, Bratislava Hlavná Platform 1.

Grand Opening program:

Opening of the exhibition: Flip Books on Tour!
Curator: Gottfried Gusenbauer (A)
Artists: Martin Bruner aka „Sombreo', Bettina Egger (A) , Wolfgang Matzl (A) , Edith Stauber (A), Herbert Stöger (A) + Alina Staicu (RO), Eggy und Jacky A), Daniela Krajcova (SK), Thomas Kriebaum und Sohn (A), Sibylle Vogel (A), Igor Przybylski (PL), Lote Vilma Vītiņa (LV)

Train Cover Project: Marta Kopyt (PL)

Installation: Otis Laubert (SK)

Grand Opening performances /Wien/:
Kateřina Šedá (CZ) - Mário Bihári (CZ), Ilona Németh (SK)

Grand Opening performances /Bratislava/:
Kateřina Šedá (CZ) - Mário Bihári (CZ), Ilona Németh (SK), Zuzana Husárová a Ľubo Panák (SK)

Curator: Juraj Čarný
Advisors: Genoveva Rueckert, Martin Sturm - OK Centrum

TRAM operates daily until November between Vienna (Austria) and Bratislava (Slovakia)

Bratislava and Vienna will be connected by gallery of contemporary art in the TRAM art train.

At the occasion of numerous significant anniversaries in 2018, the Austrian Embassy prepared a project establishing cultural link between Vienna and Bratislava. The contemporary art gallery and cultural centre will regularly, 11 times a day, ply as an ÖBB/ZSSK train on the route between central stations in Vienna and Bratislava.

'Not only culture, but also the railroad may be an ideal tool to bring people together. In memorial year 2018, the TRAM project shall remind passengers between Bratislava and Vienna of the fact, that we live in a space of common memory and common European future,' says about the project Helfried Carl, Austrian Ambassador to Slovakia.

Title T.R.A.M. refers to Vienna tram (in German Pressburger Bahn), which has been connecting Vienna and Bratislava since 1914. Vienneses would travel for a cup of coffee or to opera house to Bratislava, Bratislavans to Vienna. Mission of the T.R.A.M project is to support cultural mobility, as well as to provide passengers with an unusual art experience enriching their journey with surprising encounters with contemporary art.

'From 90s, I am as a curator and critique interested in the question of insufficient linking of the Slovak and Austrian art scenes. Today, we have an opportunity to make next step on the path of bringing closer Vienna and Bratislava, artists with other artists, but also passengers, people with different nationalities, education and age. Artists were invited to create for passengers various positive 'obstacles', to break away from routine and to make their train ride somewhat special, so to lead them in this manner to critical thinking and communication,' says the curator of this unusual project and manager of the Curatorial Studies Institute, Juraj Čarný.

From February to November this year, the passengers will have an opportunity to recognize various exciting art groups or performers during their train ride. The art train cannot be overlooked; its exterior will be recreated into an art piece by Polish artist, Marta Kopyt, in the Train Cover Project. TRAM will bring you 4 exhibitions of contemporary art (in cooperation with Karikaturmuseum Krems, Curatorial Studies Institute, Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Universität fur Angewandte Kunst Wien and Haus der Geschichte Österreich), street musicians festival in cooperation with the social architect Kateřina Šedá, theatre festival in cooperation with the multimedia space Nástupišťe 1-12, as well as performance festival (in cooperation with students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and Rokko Juhász). The train, at the same time, will provide a space for panels, presentations and lectures by guests specializing in the field of art, culture and diplomacy (every Wednesday evening) and on the other days and times, this space will be available for unmoderated forums of passengers.

This exceptional project was made possible by the close cooperation and significant support of the Austrian Federal Railways (Österreichische Bundesbahnen – ÖBB) and the ZSSK Slovakrail (Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko).

'Every exhibition will take place in one of four carriages, during the year we will gradually fill the entire train. Programme of the cultural centre will take place on Wednesdays evenings in a specially designed place called Chat Point. We intend to promote progressive artists, writers, theatre performers, musicians, but also the alternative cultural centres, museums and galleries from Austria and Slovakia. In the form of presentations, lectures, panels and artistic performances, we would like to bring the innovative positions of contemporary art closer to passengers. On the other days (except for Wednesdays), the Chat Point will be available for unmoderated forums of passengers,' summed up Juraj Čarný.

From 7th April, the historical Vienna tram will be exhibited in the Technisches Museum Wien, at the same time parallel public-art interventions will take place (Eisenbahnmuseum Schwechat, route between Vienna and Bratislava). Children and all adult passengers with young souls may use the interactive exhibition guide and there will be a special edition of the Denník N daily newspapers.

More info about the project / opening event:

Rakúske veľvyslanectvo, Rakúske kultúrne fórum, Curatorial
Studies Institute
Co-organisers: ÖBB, ZSSK
Project Partners:
Erste Group, Wien Holding, Wiener Stadtische - Kooperatíva, Sazka group
Supported by:
BKA, BMEIA, Stadt Wien, Ministerstvo kultúry SR, Fond na podporu umenia, Bratislavský samosprávny kraj
Media partners:
RTVS - Rádio FM, Denník N, .týždeň

Cooperation: OK Centrum Linz, Haus der Geschichte Österreich, Technisches Museum Wien, Karikaturmuseum Krems, Eisenbahnmuseum Schwechat, Vysoká škola
výtvarných umení, Institut für Sprachkunst -
Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, Nástupište 1-12

Curator / general manager: Juraj Čarný
Production / management: Dano Dida
Grand Opening production: Martina Ivičič
PR: Mirka Ábelová
Graphic design / logo: Stano Masár
Website by:
Education programs: Daniela Čarná
Advisors: Genoveva Rueckert, Martin Sturm - OK Centrum

This is the project of the Austrian Embassy and the Austrian Cultural Forum Bratislava.
TRAM ist ein Projekt im Rahmen des Europäischen Kulturerbejahres 2018.
Z verejných zdrojov podporil Fond na podporu umenia / Supported from public funds by the Slovak Arts Council.