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26 Oct 2018

Selective Memories: Archives, Databases and Dispositifs at Galpão VB

Videobrasil, 2018

Seminar by Jane de Almeida @ Galpão VB
Galpão VB


Registration: When: Oct 30 - Nov 27 Where: Galpão VB

Clarissa Ximenes

Av. Imperatriz Leopoldina, 1150
05305-002 São Paulo

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The seminar consists of four meetings to address questions about film archives, found- footage films and recent database-based audiovisual production.

A selective memory is the ability to remember some facts while forgetting others, especially when they are inconvenient. Audiovisual files, transformed into databases, can be thought by their controlling and objective aspects, selecting only convenient memories. However, on the other hand, they can be reorganized as spaces for criticism, political engagement, invention and creative speculation. Thinking about these aspects, the seminar will analyze filmic procedures known as 'found-footage', the senses of the production of 'impure' movies and the recent remix culture.

The work of the Brazilian artist Rafael França, part of Videobrasil collection, will be examined as a starting point and will be used as an inspiration to reflect on the encounter between film, video and contemporary art.


Oct 30
The culture of archives and contemporary artistic production

Nov 6
Witnesses of the present and the past: databases in audiovisual collections

Nov 13
Rafael França and the quarrel of the dispositifs - video, cinema, digital

Nov 27
Encounters between moving image and the contemporary art from the work of Rafael França


Jane de Almeida is a professor and researcher in the contemporary art and cinematic fields. She was a Visiting Fellow in the Department of History of Art and Architecture at Harvard University (2005), artist in residence at the Arthur C. Clark Center for Human Imagination at University of California, San Diego (2018), visiting scholar in the Department of Philosophy at Boston College (1999), guest researcher at MediaLabMadrid (2006), visiting scholar in the Department of Communication and lecturer in the Visual Arts Department at University of California, San Diego (2007/2008/2018). She has published several book chapters, such as Stichwort: Kooperation. Keiner ist alleine schlau genug (Alexander Kluge-Jahrbuch, Verlagsgruppe, 2017), A companion to Contemporary Drawing (forthcoming, Wiley Blackwell, 2018) and books, such as the catalog Ordering and Vertigo: Arthur Bispo do Rosario (CCBB, 2003), CineGrid: cinematic futures (Cinusp, 2017), Harun Farocki: Programming the Visible (Cinusp, 2017), Dziga Vertov Group (Witz, 2005) and Alexander Kluge: the fifth act (CosacNaify, 2007). She has curated Off the Radar (UCSD Visual Arts Gallery), Harun Farocki: Programming the Visible (Paço das Artes), the Dziga Vertov Group (CCBB), Alexander Kluge: the fifth act (CCBB), Metacinemas (CCBB) and Aisthesis (CCBB), among several other film and contemporary art venues. Currently she is a faculty member of the Education, Art and History of Culture Ph.D. program at Mackenzie University and professor at the Multimedia major at PUC-SP. She is directing a film-essay on the planet Mars called Mars Projections.

Galpão VB | Av. Imperatriz Leopoldina, 1150, São Paulo, SP