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20 Sep 2017

Lesley Foxcroft. New Works in M.D.F. and Rubber

Lesley Foxcroft
Stacked (vertical corner), 2017
Black M.D.F., 350x210 cm
A arte Invernizzi, Milan
Photo Bruno Bani, Milan

Lesley Foxcroft. New Works in M.D.F. and Rubber
A arte Invernizzi


Opening: 21 September 2017
Exhibition period: 21 September - 8 November 2017 Opening hours: from Monday to Friday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. 3-7 p.m.

Epicarmo Invernizzi
0039 0229402855
0039 0229402855

A arte Invernizzi
Via Domenico Scarlatti 12
20124 Milano

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The A arte Invernizzi gallery will open on Thursday 21 September 2017 at 6.30 p.m. a solo exhibition of works by Lesley Foxcroft, with some pieces specially made for the gallery's spaces.

In the first room upstairs there are works, such as 'Folds' and 'Knotted', in industrial rubber, a relatively new material for the English artist, who has always worked with simple, basic raw materials of fundamental everyday use, such as paper, cardboard and medium-density fibre board (M.D.F.). In these works, as well as in the 'Eye Level' installation in the second room on the upper floor, Foxcroft adopts a strict, austere visual language to manipulate the material and create forms not normally associated with it.
The ability to bring out aspects of the material that are usually not found in its everyday use is clear to see also in 'Stacked' and 'Milan Corner', as well as in the other works in M.D.F. that are on show on the lower floor of the gallery. Foxcroft manages to combine the flexibility of the raw material in a perfect balance with the simplicity of functional elements - such as hooks, eyelets, clamps and screws - in such a way as to create a new entity, a new ensemble, that guides our perception in a clear new manner that is both logical and rational.

On the occasion of the exhibition a catalogue will be published with illustrations of the works on display and updated bio-bibliographical notes.