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14 Jun 2017

Body Resonance at Liebig12, Berlin

Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen

Body Resonance, sound installation
Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen


Opening June 15.: 18-22h June 16-18: 16-20h June 19-21: 15-19h Finissage June 22.: 16-20h

Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen
+45 30299958

Liebigstr. 12
10247 Berlin

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The sound installation Body Resonance originates from Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen's extensive Body Interfaces performance work. The research deals with the threshold condition of the body in interaction with specific places and environments, creating a critical interaction and engagement. Body Resonance takes very literate the direct confrontation between the structural elements of the space and the body, where the soundscape is a recording of the artists body slamming against the walls and floors of an echoing empty space, created in the Hof Art Studio at the Skálar Sound Art Residency in Seyðisfjörður (IS), November 2015. The sounds of both the flesh of the body hitting the surfaces, its echoes, as well as the silent passages in-between, create a composition based on movement, intensity, and anticipation. In the installation, the recorded sound is installed, played and relocated in the empty frontal space of Liebig12, with only a transcript of the actions as a guide for the listener.

The space of Liebig12 will only be inhabited by the play-back of the sounds recorded, giving the visitors the opportunity to create their own connections, with a given choice to read the transcribed notated actions together with the sounds or simply just listen to the sounds themselves.

A crucial part of Madsen's work is to rework and recreate performative processes. The artist will therefore do a durational processual notation responding to her own body sounds of the installation for a variable duration every day in the back space of Liebig12. The front space and the back space will be visually separated, to give the installation its own space and the artist working in response to the sounds an additionally own concentrated space. Total sonic separation is, however, not possible, nor intended. During this action the sound of the notation will fusion together with the body sounds of the installation, and thus create a new site-specific soundscape and mode of expression.

The transcribed actions are available on site as a printed artist booklet.

About the artist:
Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen is a Danish, Berlin-based visual artist and researcher, who works primarily with conceptual strategies, performance art, sound and open technology. She has an education from the College of Arts Crafts and Design in Nørresundby (DK), where she began studying performance art in 1999, and holds a Master of Arts in Art History from Aarhus University (DK). Madsen's research deals with theory as well as practice, and how these are inseparable entities. Her Body Interfaces research has been presented and performed e. g. at the Fljótstunga Artist Residency (IS), the Electropixel Festival in Nantes (FR), Wolfart Project Space in Rotterdam (NL), Grüntaler9 in Berlin (DE), the Interface Politics Conference in Barcelona (ES), as a part of the Crossover project in Kiel (DE), at the Exhibition Space Spanien 19C in Aarhus (DK), at the Piksel Festival in Bergen (NO), and latest at the Sofia Underground International Performance Art Festival (BG). Madsen has been a curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde (DK), as well as she lectures for Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin (DE). She is additionally half of the noise duo TMS, as well as the live coding outfit codepage, both in collaboration with media and sound artist Malte Steiner (DE).