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01 Feb 2017

First Call for Applications - English Master Visual Arts: Fine Arts - 'Art Sense(s) Lab'

Smoke Cloud © Artist Peter de Cupere

Art Sense(s) Lab is the first Official International English Master Visual Arts Programme about the use of the approximative senses (smell, taste and touch) as part of the Artistic Practice.
PXL-MAD, School of Arts


The Master Programme Art Sense(s) Lab focusses on the use of scent, taste and/or touch to create context and generate added value to art.
The Programme is open for all art disciplines and consists of a 1 year Master Programme (60 ECTS).
Application requirements and forms are available at
We guarantee feedback within 14 working days.


Peter de Cupere

PXL-MAD School of Arts
Elfde-Liniestraat 25
3500 Hasselt

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School of Arts, PXL-MAD in Hasselt/Belgium is welcoming applications for its 1 year English Master Fine Arts Programme Art Sense(s) Lab.

This international master programme is designed for art students and artists with the ambition to develop context in their work though the use of scents, taste and touch.

The master programme consists of two major components: Artistic Studio Practice and the Master Seminar Series Art Sense(s)Lab. Artistic Studio Practice is offered in a dynamic and inspiring environment where thinking and creating are perfectly synchronized.

Students will be given the opportunity to improve and explore their work through intensive experimental artistic research.

Master students are free to work around one or more senses. Depending on their interest they can focus on smell, taste or touch. But also crossovers between these senses or in combination with seeing and/or hearing are possible. There can also be cross-overs or combinations in the way of expressing, translating the use of senses with various art forms like painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass works, printmaking, performances, timebased art, new media and video-installations.

The internationally well-known olfactory artist and tutor of the English Master Fine Arts Programme Art Sense(s) Lab is Peter de Cupere ( He works with a team of professional artists and academics to support (the) students in their development. The Master Seminar Series Art Sense(s) Lab lays the foundations for an individual theoretical and artistic research practice through analysing theoretical texts, visiting exhibitions and attending international lectures. The programme also includes short, intensive practical experiments are conducted around the senses and their creative potential.
Basic tuition fee for European Citizen is 890 € (full registration fee for 60 ECTS).
Basic tuition fee for Non-European Citizens is 5700 € but the board may apply the basic tuition fee of 890 €. Please apply to the Director of Education and Students for this: Studievoortgang@PXL.BE

The teaching language of the international Master Fine Arts programme is English. Applications for the 2016 academic year will be accepted until September 4th 2016. Application is possible via We guarantee feedback within 14 working days. For more information about the Art Sense(s) Lab programme, visit and or contact Peter.DeCupere@PXL.BE

Besides the new English Master Fine Arts Programme Art Sense(s) Lab PXL-MAD, School of Arts also offers new English Master Fine Arts Programmes : Object & Jewellery - Reading Type & Typography. More info on the website