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24 Oct 2017

artegiro virtual artist residency 2017

Artegiro Contemporary Times and COCOAA Project


renata summo-o'connell

Artegiro Contemporary Art
piazza australia 1
15030 Conzano

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Artegiro Artist Virtual Residency, Resistenza Files
with artist Ulderico di Domenico
7:10 - 4:11
Call for Participation

The first Artegiro Virtual Artist Residency​ ​Resistenza Files, takes place with artist Ulderico Di Domenico on the site​ ​between 7/10 and 4/11.

Ulderico has chosen as his​ ​virtual residency title Residency is Resistance. Di Domenico advocates independence from the art markets' restricted domain as well as from cultural hegemonies, using a language that is as complex as it is immediate, going from performance to painting, to drawing to sculpture and ceramics. His State of Resistance is indeed a state, not an isolated gesture.

Curator Renata Summo-O'Connell has imagined the Resistenza Files as an explosive archive, in the sense of a dynamic space for living memory of the artists work, of their dialogue with the public, as space managed by the artist, where audience and artist can actually meet, creating a reality where algorithm can collaborate rather than rule and govern. Space where the algorithm is blown up by the intention to reappropriate to art its spaces.

The artist will reside publicly online daily and interact with the interested members of the public, provoked and inspired, guided in some ways by Ulderico. The artist will develop publicly its textual and visual discourse during the period of the residency.
We are inviting you all to participate, we are all invited in this exciting exchange, just go to and post, write, interact.