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19 Jan 2017

Call for Submissions: ortung X - Art Festival in the City of Schwabach

(c) Peter Winkler

ortung X - Call for Submissions
Schwabach Cultural Affairs Office


Applications must be submitted by January 30th 2017 Send applications to Schwabach's Cultural Office ( using SCHWABACH ART FESTIVAL – ortung X – takes place from 5 to 20 August 2017 in Schwabach Old Town

Felicitas Lutz
+49 9122 860-285
+49 9122 860-323

Schwabach Cultural Affairs Office
Königsplatz 29 a
91126 Schwabach

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ortung is an art competition of places and spaces, captivating the entire city of Schwabach. For two weeks, ortung disrupts everyday urban life and claims all kinds of locales for artistic discourse: public places, storefronts and backyards, attics and
Since 1999, the well-attended biennial arts festival has become a public success and celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2017, coinciding with the festivities for 900 years since Schwabach's first recorded mention in 1117. For ortung x, the city of Schwabach is therefore looking forward to many exceptionally audacious, inspirational and surprising submissions and projects!


The biennial arts festival pays tribute to Schwabach's tradition as gold-beating town and alludes to its history with the motto »Inspired by Gold«.


We are looking for artists who are interested in working with this theme and setting up installations at locations and premises around Schwabach but in the old town in particular, turning them into exhibition spaces and venues in their own right! Our invitation is open to all techniques and creative endeavours in the categories painting, sculpture, graphic art, textile art, installation art (including sound/light/film etc.) performance art, architecture and computer art.


If you are interested in getting involved, please send us four photographs. Three of these should showcase the type of artwork that you are involved in. It is not necessary at this stage for your work to involve the use of gold. The fourth photo should show you in your working environment/workshop. Please also enclose a short biography and a maximum of five key examples of your involvement in exhibitions on one sheet of A4 (no huge lists!).

Please send us your photos and application documents in writing (enclosing the photos on a CD clearly labelled with your name) or by file transfer ( Please do not use e-mail!

Image quality required: JPEG with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and approx. 1000 x 1500 pixels (which corresponds to approx. 9 x 13 cm). The CD must be clearly labelled with the applicant's name. All applications must be submitted to Schwabach's Cultural Office (Kulturamt) by January 30th 2017. No entries will be accepted after the closing date.

A selection panel will choose 20 participants from the applications submitted. All applicants will be informed of the decision in mid-February. The selected artists will be invited to attend a colloquium on Saturday, February 25th 2017 during which they will have the chance to visit the potential exhibition and design spaces.

Concept proposals should then be submitted by April 4th 2017 clearly setting out the artist's vision in terms of linking the space, festival theme and artistic aims. The final decision on participation in the competition will then be made on this basis. The actual timing of the different exhibition concepts will depend on the location in each case and will be clarified individually for each artist. The work of art has to be fully installed on location by July 30th 2017, the weekend before the vernissage. The objet d'art itself and the location have to be finalised to such an extent that photographs can be taken on Monday, July 31st 2017.


The selected participants will have their expenses reimbursed. EUR 500 will be paid in the case of art presented in an interior setting. For works of art presented outdoors, artists will receive a flat rate of EUR 1000.


The presented works shall remain the property of the artist responsible. Images of the works may be used now and in the future (at subsequent „ortung' festivals) for press and PR purposes. The works should be made available for sale. Sold pieces must be left on display until the close of the ortung x festival. The panel's decision shall be final with regard to all decisions on participation in the project and in relation to the award of the Art Prize. The place of performance and jurisdiction shall be Schwabach, Germany. By designing a space with its artwork, the participant shall be deemed to have recognised the conditions of participation. This shall also encompass the obligation to collect the exhibited works again by the stipulated date (August 22th 2017) and to return the exhibition space to its previous state.


Any claim may only be settled in the context of the art insurance taken out by the town of Schwabach.


The town of Schwabach will be awarding an art prize worth EUR 5,000 during the art festival. This prize will be awarded by a jury, which will view the exhibits and make its decision on Wednesday, August 2nd 2017. This decision will not be made in public, and the jury's decision shall be final.


The Art Prize will be awarded and the festival officially opened on Saturday, August 5th 2017 at 11am.


An audience prize will also be awarded at the conclusion of the two-week festival. Every visitor to the art route will be given the chance to vote on which art installation and thus which artist they think deserves the prize. The winner of this prize, worth EUR 2,500 and donated by ratioplast GmbH, is announced on Sunday, August 20th 2017, starting at 5 pm.


A catalogue detailing all of the artists and their works of art will be produced for ortung x.


Subject to financial constraints, works of art will again be purchased by the town of Schwabach in 2017. A decision will be made in this regard in autumn 2017.


Following the festival, the prize winner will be given the opportunity to stage an individual exhibition in the Städtische Galerie Schwabach.


Kulturamt der Stadt Schwabach Kulturhaus, Königsplatz 29a 91126 Schwabach, Germany

Kulturamt der Stadt Schwabach
Tel.: +49 9122 860-305
Fax: +49 9122 860-323