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29 Jul 2016

Apply now to UNIDEE Fall Term Programme in Cittadellarte

Ph. © UNIDEE 2016 – Sound, Body, Space, a weekly residential module led by Attila Faravelli and Enrico Malatesta with guest Nicola Ratti – 11-15 July 2016

UNIDEE - University of Ideas - Call for applications - Fall Term 2016
Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto


Call for applications - Fall Term Programme 2016
To apply and for deadlines: see specific modules


Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto
Via Serralunga 27
13900 - Biella

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UNIDEE - University of Ideas is an educational programme investigating the relationship between art and the public sphere and combining theory with practice. Through a new programme based on a weekly research and project laboratory under the guidance of a mentor and the active participation of a guest, the residency modules developed for 2016 focus on three new macro topics wich are: research, gift and alteration. Kicking off in April, over the first 7 modules, the programme saw the participation of 50 residents, including established professionals and exceptionally gifted individuals currently completing their BA, MA or PhD degrees, representing 18 nationalities worldwide. They are visual and performance artists, curators, architects, critics, PhD candidates, anthropologists, museum professionals, etc.


19/ 23 September, 2016
Luigi Coppola with Daniel Blanga-Gubbay
Which language will I speak to you? Collective voice after the end of protest -
The module is a shared moment of research and practices on strategies of taking and giving voice in the public and political sphere, starting from some urgent questions in the construction (as linguistic agent) of a collective consciousness.
Deadline: 02.09.2016

26/ 30 September, 2016
Antoni Muntadas with Alessandra Messali
Personal Imaginary Museum -
The workshop explores the notion of 'Personal Imaginary Museum' in art, architecture, history, literature and cinema. It investigates the distinctions between collection, archive and museum. It raises questions such as: could a flea market be perceived as a museum?
Deadline: 02.09.2016

3/ 7 October, 2016
Daria Filardo with Fatma Bucak
Practicing the Object. Give me an (art)object so I can find my position and continue to move -
In practicing the diverse possibilities of the art object (through case studies, experiments, analyses and production) mentor and participants will be working the open definition of singular and collective identities that are shaped in a continuous collision of borders between art and spectator.
Deadline: 09.09.2016

10/ 21 October, 2016 (bi-weekly module) Cittadellarte (IT), Art House (AL)
Adrian Paci with Edi Muka and Tea Çuni
The Encounter. Reclaiming the potentiality of affection -
The module is based on this: to reclaim the artist's role as a narrator of a place, a story or an experience recognizing the potential of it and exploring it with affection and astonishment; to renew the artist's gesture in relation to a new exchange with the field of investigation and cultivation.
Deadline: 09.09.2016

7/ 11 November, 2016
Aria Spinelli with Núria Güell
Elapsing Time in Expanded Artwork. Practices of the unconscious through means of activism -
Focusing on the relationship between emotion and activism, the module looks at how practices of listening and wellbeing enhance collective sensibility within groups. It aims at widening the horizon of on-going debates around the relationship between artistic practices and social movements by embodying emotionality in a communal environment.
Deadline: 18.10.2016

14/ 18 November, 2016 (bi-weekly module) – Cittadellarte (IT), City in the Making (NL)
STEALTH.unlimited (Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen) with Erik Jutten and Piet Vollaard
Carving out the spaces for our commoned life: a training ground -
The module takes different economic principles and workings at its core. In the two weeks we will explore whether artists, designers or cultural practitioners can envision a novel mutually supportive economic 'space' for their lives and work.
Deadline: 14.10.2016

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