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27 Jul 2016

Open Call for Video Art Project in the Public Sphere of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Invited artists: Alejandro Schianchi (Argentina)
Still from video 'Deriva'

Larga Vida a la Nueva Carne


Public Sphere of the city of Buenos Aires and Chaco in Argentina Deadline: August 30, 2016 Video Art, Performance, Lectures

Agustín Rincón Méndez Daniela Ruiz Moreno

Bartolome Mitre 1573

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LVNC is delighted to announce the first international open call for the Larga Vida a la Nueva Carne project.
Long live the new flesh takes as a subject the human body and its becoming in the post-democratic context to explore the new ethic and aesthetic possibilities in the age of the ubiquity of the image. Using the public sphere of the city of Buenos Aires as the platform and video as the medium, the project will develop through a series of events with a program of projections that will be the result from this international open call.

The project's first edition was an exhibition in which different aspects, both formal and conceptual, from the pairing human-body/video were explored. Following this train of thought, we stand from the idea that it is not enough to put the material together but that it is also important to choose the platform of enunciation. In this regard, each event will be the result of a dialogue among the specific conditions of the selected spaces and the previously mentioned paring.

Taking advantage of video's pedagogic possibilities and using the public space as platform, we intend to produce a transmission that questions the unsuspecting pedestrian before the content can be discarded as a work of art.

This project reflects upon the consequences of the transformation from flesh into image. The new flesh implies a human body that instead of being pierced by language, is nothing but language. From then on, we can explore the contradictions of this way of being in a material and urban reality, we ask about the collective experience of living, about the relation between abstract/concrete and the tension between the personal emotions and the transformation of the social landscape.

The projections will start in September 2016 and take place in the surroundings of the following art spaces:
• LPEP (City of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
• Experiencia Hiedra (City of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
• MU, punto de encuentro (City of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
• La Ira de Dios (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
• ENEAU, Esto no es una academia, visual experimentation workshop (Chaco, Argentina)

1-Participants: the call is open to all artists, collectives and everyone who is compelled by the subject, from all countries.

2- Application: in order to participate of the open call complete this short form:

3- Open call deadline: August 30, 2016

4-Questions if you have any question, get in touch with us through the following e-mail: