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18 Jul 2016

Call for applications: dance films and digital installations

Bucharest International Dance Film Festival #2
Tangaj Collective


BIDFF is now accepting dance films and installations for the second edition of the festival. A prize pool of 3000 euro will be awarded. The competition is open for artists worldwide. The festival takes place in Bucharest between 9 and 13 of November. The deadline for applications is 1 September 2016.

Simona Deaconescu

45 Popa Petre Street

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Bucharest International Dance Film Festival (9-13 November 2016) invites film directors, choreographers, digital artists and other artists to submit their dance films and digital installations to the second edition of BIDFF. The competition is opened for fiction short dance films, documentaries, animations and installations with a prize pool of 3000 euro. However, off competition, BIDFF will showcase dance feature films, both fiction and documentary. The deadline for submissions is 1 September. The competition is open for artists worldwide. In 2016 the theme of the festival is The Digital Body and welcomes films and installations that challenge the duality of essence and expression in the new era of digital communication and constant insecurity.

Short curatorial statement

#emotional #geopolitical #multi-sensorial #collective #subversive #mechanic #informational #activist #migratory

The body is a matrix of data, emotionally encapsulated, defragmented and disembodied, in a constant flow of fake memories and super sensorial experimentation. Extracorporeal digital age is a reality that requires a network of information to replicate itself over and over again. Who are you in this environment and how do you deal with it? We are interested in promoting dance films (short and feature, fictional and documentaries), video and digital installations, talks and lectures that have a strong opinion on the way the body adapts to the era of informational chaos.

The Short Film International Competition

Faced with the camera lens the movement of the dancers transforms into cutting edge art house films with a sometimes transparent and sometimes coded meaning, challenging the viewer to a playful exchange of information about social life, politics, extreme emotions, interesting places and oddly beautiful dance aesthetics. BIDFF encourages syncretism and dialogue between movement and the diverse existing forms of cinema, from the most traditional to experimental, animation, or video installations. Shorts of maximum 15 minutes will be accepted. Films should be produced in the last 2 years. A minimum quality of Full HD (1920 x 1080) is required for the exhibition copies. You can apply with a maximum of 2 films. Both can be taken into consideration. BIDFF will award 3 films and other special mentions.

To submit your films to the festival please fill in the form:

The Digital Body Exhibition

We will take into consideration artworks that respond to the theme of the festival - the digital body. We are looking for video installations but we will also consider sound installations, computer generated, augmented and video reality, immersive and interactive, micro digital sculptures and other forms of art. The Contemporary Art Gallery Galateca in Bucharest will host the exhibition. BIDFF covers accommodation and transportation costs for the selected participants. BIDFF will also provide all the technical requirements for the showcase to the selected installations. You can apply with a maximum of 2 installations and both can be exhibited. The installations should be completed by the time of the submission. A prize will be awarded to one of the installations by an international panel.

To submit your installations to the festival please fill in the form:

You can find more information and full guideline of the festival on our website:

Email: // Tel: +40741113365

This project is produced by Tangaj Dance Association and financed by AFCN - The Administration of The National Cultural Fund. The project does not necessarily represent the position of The Administration of The National Cultural Fund. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or for the way the results of the project can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the financing beneficiary. BIDFF is a cultural project financed in the frame of The Cultural Program 'Bucharest - The In-Visible City' by ARCUB – The Cultural Centre of Bucharest Municipality and The Bucharest Municipality. The strategic partner of the festival is The Romanian Cultural Institute. BIDFF is supported by The Austrian Cultural Forum (The Austrian Embassy in Bucharest). Host and partner for the The Digital Body Exhibition - Galateca Gallery.