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21 Jun 2016

3M art residency: Residency Opportunity, Colombia

3M art residency
3M art foundation


Art residency in Santa Marta, Colombia Residency 5/1-5/4/2017 Deadline for applications 20th July 2016


3M art foundation
Cl 18 ≠ 3-38
Santa Marta

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3M Art Foundation it's opening its doors to young artists from all over the world to share the experience of living and create together in Santa Marta - Colombia. This project was born from our desire to create an environment where artists can express their creativity, share their knowlege, skills and good company. We want to attract people from different countries; working on a variety of mediums and willing to bring their individual ideas in order to engage with the community.

We chose Santa Marta for its vibrant mixture of landscape and urban life. Though it remains a small city it provides opportunities to work with the local scene. The residency is situated in the historical heart of the city, encompassing various restaurants, caffees, bars and shops, bringing a vibrant atmosphere and a closer understanding of the social life of the city.

Our interest is to create with the participant artists a sense of collectivity, so that it becomes a life experience rather than a white cube space. The group of artists will share a family house that has been re-arranged to accommodate them, create workshops and provide spaces to work.

Through out each residency we aim to have exhibitons, or a social event in order to display the work made during the residency, as well as the creation of artistic workshops for the public.