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19 May 2016

Netwerk / center for contemporary art: openHUB: rural vs. urban + concert Ameel Brecht

Claire Stragier

openHUB: rural vs. urban
Netwerk / center for contemporary art


EXHIBITION SA 21.05 — SA 18.06 2016 OPENING SA 21.05 20:00



Netwerk / center for contemporary art
Houtkaai 15
9300 Aalst

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OpenHUB: rural vs. urban - opening group exhibition

In the context of their residency period in Netwerk local artist Claire Stragier works along with three in German based sound artists: JD Zazie (Valeria Merlini), Annette Krebs and Stephanie Krah. During this opening event, we see the group action, after several days' intense collaboration. The remnants of their residency can be viewed in the group exhibition OpenHUB: rural vs. urbain.

Ameel Brecht - concert

The music of Brussels' Ameel Brecht often takes you to vast latitudes, rural vs. urban. He's the frontman of Razen, the ground-breaking improvisation group with Kim Delcour. When playing solo, he uses classical and avant-garde techniques on a steel resonator and resonator mandolin, two instruments he has chosen because of their metallic timbre and natural reverberation. The concert is the result of a 14-day residency in Netwerk.