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02 May 2016

University of St. Joseph: Call to Artists - Request for Proposals

A/V Walk at USJ
University of St. Joseph


Announce the RFQ: April 22, 2016 Announce the RFQ: April 22, 2016 Identify shortlisted artists for proposal development: June 10, 2016 Artist selected by: June 20, 2016

Nina Salazar
+1 8602315528

University of St. Joseph
1678 Asylum Ave
West Hartford, Ct 06117

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A/V Walk at USJ

The Autorino Center for the Arts
West Hartford, Connecticut

The Autorino Center for the Arts invites submissions from artists who break new artistic ground with an experimental and pioneering spirit to create an interactive, site specific AUDIO/VIDEO WALK inspired by Janet Cardiff's work. Using the University of St. Joseph as the backdrop, artists are challenged to create an Augmented Reality experience utilizing a live, direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by sensory input such as, pre-recorded performance, sound, video, graphics and/or GPS data, and thereby interacting with art and the campus.

Proposals should create an immersive and interactive audio/video walk that transforms a tour, of the USJ campus, into an absorbing and immersive experience that engage the listeners using their own smart/wireless devices. Artists are invited to create unique experiences through layers of 3-dimensional sound, narratives (concrete or abstract), visuals and/ or interactive with the permanent elements of the campus. We encourage you to be creative and push the boundaries of emerging technologies that support the mission of the University of St. Joseph.
The Autorino Center for the Arts and Humanities:

To provide transformative experiences which affirm the arts as essential to the human endeavor and to an understanding of human life, and to serve as a cultural resource for University of Saint Joseph and the greater Hartford community.

To create interdisciplinary projects that link curricula with the arts and humanities, to provide a liberal arts context for all fields of study and professional programs, to heighten an awareness of international cultures and the importance of diversity in society, and to serve as a forum for the examination of campus, regional, national, and world issues.

About The University of St. Joseph and its campus:

In 1932, the Sisters of Mercy of Connecticut set out to establish the first liberal arts college for women in the Hartford area. They were determined to develop a curriculum that balanced professional studies with the liberal arts; focused on service to others; and infused the Catholic intellectual tradition while welcoming students of all ages, races, religions, and cultures.

The Core Mercy Values:

• Catholic Identity
The University of Saint Joseph is grounded in its heritage as a Catholic institution, expressing the Catholic tradition in an ecumenical and critical manner.
• Commitment to Women
The University of Saint Joseph encourages, inspires, and challenges each woman to develop every aspect of her personhood: intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical.
• Compassionate Service
The University of Saint Joseph promotes, supports and facilitates caring service as an integral part of all teaching and learning experiences.
• Academic Excellence
The University of Saint Joseph provides a value-centered education that prepares students as global citizens, lifelong learners, and informed decision makers.
• Respect/Integrity
The University of Saint Joseph demonstrates respect and reverence for all people and fidelity in personal witness.
• Hospitality
The University of Saint Joseph is a welcoming community where its relationships are based on openness, inclusivity and mutual respect.
• Multiculturalism/Diversity
The University of Saint Joseph is committed to fostering the growth of an inclusive community that welcomes differences among community members and benefits from them.

Selection Process:
Following the RFP Deadline, the review committee will conduct a review of all proposals and will short list up to 4 applicants for interviews and further consideration.
The review committee will make the final selection and all applicants will be notified of status.

Resource Links:


Proposals must be submitted by email and received on or before 10:00 PM on Monday, May 16, 2016
Proposals must include:
• Resume
• Work Samples
• Proposed Project Description
• Budget


Steve Raider-Ginsburg, Director
Nina Goodale-Salazar, Assistant Director