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19 Apr 2016

Netwerk / center for contemporary art: Creating Europe. The Arts as Architect?

Christian Nyampeta – How To Live Together: Sequentia, de Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam, 2015 © Daniel Nicolas

Opening solo Christian Nyampeta / UTalk / open class / open session audience development project
Netwerk / center for contemporary art


EVENT TH 21.04 10:00 > 20:00 OPENING TH 21.04 17:00 EXPO TH 21.04 > SA 18.06 2016



Netwerk / center for contemporary art
Houtkaai 15
9300 Aalst

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In the framework of the Creative Europe project, Understanding Territoriality, Netwerk is organising a one-day event that introduces the public to four activities developed in the configuration of the project: the solo exhibition Philip Metten, the residency course and the solo exhibition of Christian Nyampeta, the public relations program in collaboration with Babbelonië Aalst & Vormingplus, and the online broadcast discussion platform UTalk with Wouter Davidts, Philip Metten and Christian Nyampeta.

10:00 visit solo exhibition Philip Metten
open class Philip Metten with students Contemporary Sculpture from KASK Gent
13:00 audience development project presentation + open session Babbelonië conversation group
15:30 UTalk / a debate with Philip Metten, Christian Nyampeta, Wouter Davidts
17:00 opening solo exhibition Christian Nyampeta