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26 Apr 2016

'Expanding Exhibitions: Innovative Approaches to Curating' Online Course by Node Center

'Expanding Exhibitions: Innovative Approaches to Curating' Online Course by Node Center
Node Center for Curatorial Studies



Node Center for Curatorial Studies
Oranienstr. 24
10999 Berlin

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Expanding Exhibitions: Innovative Approaches to Curating
Online Course by Node Center
with Lauren Reid

*Video-conferences every Wednesday at 7pm Central European Time. Recordings available in case you miss a live session!


This course will explore interesting strategies in exhibition-making and ways of thinking about curating by sharing a wide variety of innovative curatorial approaches that are designed to inspire. Expanding Exhibitions is for emerging and established curators who want to open up ways of thinking about their practice from the white cube and beyond.

This course will track significant moments in curatorial history and stimulating case studies, but rather than covering the field chronologically, it will instead focus on key themes and debates within exhibition-making such as the role of the curator, working with time-based media, exhibiting outside the art space and working with other disciplines. It will cross both inventive exhibition strategies as well as curatorial critique that will provide opportunity for lively debate and the sharing of ideas between each other each week.

- Duration: May 11 - Jun 1, 2016
- Application deadline: May 7, 2016
- Lecturer: Lauren Reid
- Participation fee: 148 € (aprox. $168)

*Full information and enrollments:


Week 1: The role of the curator

Definitions of a curator
Key figures in curatorial history who have shaped the zeitgeist
The artist as curator as artist – where do we draw the line?

Week 2: Curating time-based media

Technical strategies for exhibition video
Navigating a space and telling a story
Is the gallery the best place for time-based media? What are the alternatives?

Week 3: Outside the white cube

About the white cube
Where can we curate?
What about the audience? Who, where, how?

Week 4: Beyond the art field

How can we combine art with other fields?
Thinking interdisciplinarily – benefits and problems
Navigating different audience
Future potentials of curatorial practice