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06 Apr 2016

La Littorale #6 reveals its artistic selection

La Littorale #6 – Anglet Bask Coast International contemporary art biennal

An international selection of artists for La Littorale #6
La Littorale #6
Anglet Bask Coast International contemporary art biennal



Opening: Friday, 26th August 2016 26th August – 2 November 2016 Curator: Paul Ardenne

Press contact: Sylvia Beder
+33 1 42 18 09 42



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The sixth Anglet-Basque Coast contemporary art international biennial has been named La Littorale, a name chosen to anchor this cultural event geographically. This time the event's artistic direction has been entrusted to writer and art historian, Paul Ardenne.

With La Littorale #6 the new curator wants 'selected artists to question the tensions and contradictions to which shores are now subject. This are in fact places that are sought after for the gentle lifestyle they offer as much as for being physical frontiers, limits, political spaces, bringing together stakeholders often with very different interests.'
Anglet adds to these aspects the idea of an 'ecological Eden, in grandiose natural surroundings'. The biennial thus restates its character as an open air exhibition, with wide open spaces for expression, where priority goes to themes linked to the complexity of the coastline: A leisure time seaside resort, a frontier contact area, a fragile rapidly evolving ecological space.

From 26th August to 2nd November 2016, La Littorale #6 offers a journey through monumental works created by artists of several different nationalities installed in emblematic locations: La Barre, the Izadia ecological park, the seafront and its green spaces as well as La Chambre d'Amour.

An international selection of artists for La Littorale #6
Art nOmad (France) | Conrad Bakker (United States) | Benedetto Bufalino (France) | Shaun Gladwell (Australia) |  Joanna Malinovska - CT Jasper (Poland/ United States) | Andrea Mastrovito (Italy) | Robert Montgomery (Great Britain) | Rachel Labastie (France) | Fabrice Langlade (France) | Lucy & Jorge Orta (Argentina/Great Britain/France) | Laurent Perbos (France) | Kemal Tufan (Turkey)

Paul Ardenne, curator of La Littorale #6
Paul Ardenne is Professor of history at the University of Amiens, he is also an art critic and a curator in the field of contemporary art.
Collaborator for Archistorm and Art Press, he is the author of several books related to current aesthetic: Art, l'âge contemporain (1997), L'Art dans son moment politique (2000),L'Image Corps (2001), Un Art contextuel (2002), Portraiturés (2003), architects' monographs, an essay on the urban contemporary, Terre habitée (2005).