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21 Mar 2016

Call for Projects: Sound Development City - Artist Expedition 2016

Sound Development City visual by Kerstin Landis, Hubertus Design

Sound Development City - Artist Expedition 2016: Madrid - Casablanca
Sound Development City


Application deadline: April 11, 2016 Expedition: September 6 - 25, 2016 Expedition cities: Madrid - Casablanca


+41 43 233 91 37

Heller Enterprises
Giessereistrasse 5
CH-8005 Zurich

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Sound Development City is a mobile residency programme in the form of a three-week expedition to two annually changing cities. A dozen selected artists working on individual projects are part of the expedition team. The 5th edition takes place in Madrid and Casablanca from September 6 - 25, 2016.

The Sound Development City participants are selected through an open call for projects. Artists from all disciplines and from around the world who distinguish themselves through a process-oriented approach to their work, through curiosity and an explorative mindset are invited to apply.


Sound Development City is looking for independent and dedicated project proposals that are to be tested and put into practice during the three-week journey to Madrid and Casablanca and from Europe to North Africa in September 2016. The artist expedition is a laboratory for the exploration of creative strategies, bold visions and forms of expressions.

Sound Development City is open for artists
> working in all disciplines and in any media – alone or in teams of two.
> from around the world and of all ages.

Sound Development City seeks for projects, concepts and work theses which
> are research-based, challenging und willing to take a risk.
> benefit from being on the road.
> probe urban environment as sites of both playfulness and social involvement.


Artists working in all disciplines can apply

An international jury of five will select a maximum of twelve participants from the submitted applications. Besides the project initiators, the jury will be completed by representatives of the cultural scenes of Madrid and Casablanca. The selection criteria are artistic quality, originality and feasibility of realizing the proposed project. An inter-disciplinary interest, as well as openness towards collaboration are beneficial.


Sound Development City was initiated by the private and non-commercial cultural initiative Sound Development in 2012 and was developed in collaboration with Heller Enterprises, an agency for cultural projects. The project is financed by Sound Development and organized by Heller Enterprises.