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12 Feb 2016

Announcing Launch of ELSE Journal Issue 1 + Alumni Scholarships

Varese Layzer, Excerpt from 'Page 5' (from the series 'Households'), 2015

ELSE journal Issue 1
Transart Institute


Admissions Deadline for Scholarship Consideration March 1st


+1 (347) 410-9905

Transart Institute
228 Park Ave S. #34726
New York, NY 10003

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ELSE: The Journal of International Art, Literature, Theory and Creative Media
An occasional journal that welcomes experimental and alternative forms of representing creative work. Peer-reviewed works, projects, and research thematically gravitating towards memory, forgetting, trauma and the archive; language/image; gender; software, materiality and mediality; international diaspora and post-colonialism; cultural engagement through food; role of art in peace meditation; performance activism; liminality; space/place; temporary architecture; foreignness, wandering ecologies, otherness and the uncanny.

ELSE Issue 1: On Contemplation

January 2016

Guest Editor: Teobaldo Lagos Preller

Contemplation is conscious gazing; it represents the in-between space where dualities like inside/outside, mind/body are dissolved to reveal the content of the form and the experience within it. (…) Contemplation is the way by which futures, presents, and pasts are created and maintained in a particular form of time, and related to the alteration of perception through some or no intervention. A whole world of conceptual possibilities, including the postcolonial, are opened through the act of contemplating: Diasporas, recognitions in the self and some other as a surface for reflection, the subversive evidentiation of hidden meanings and unsolved narratives.
Featuring work by Teobaldo Lagos Preller, Liz Blum, Varese Layzer, Elisa Gannet & Israel Martínez, Michele Manzini, Christian Gerstheimer, Livia Daza-Paris, Missy H. Dunaway, Laurene Bois-Mariage & Christina Grammatikopoulou

Transart Triennale 2016
January saw the opening events of the Transart Triennale 2016 'The Imperceptible Self' in New York. Including the performance and time based exhibition SPACEBODIES, curated by Transart MFA candidate Andrea Spaziani; Artist Talks by Shark Roth, Jon Cattapan and Martha Wilson; and the ELSE journal launch event with publications from the Transart community including readings from Lynn Book, Linda Montano, John Newling and Angeliki Avgitidou.

Transart Triennale will continue in Berlin in August 2016 with a public program of exhibitions, performances, film festivals, lectures, symposia and workshops. A special issue of ELSE journal will be dedicated to the triennale and its theme 'The Imperceptible Self', to be published in January 2017.

Alumni Awards
Transart is pleased to announce a new $1,000 Alumni Award. The prizes will be awarded to Transart alums who apply with a current project that demonstrates the highest level of artistic achievement.

Applications open here:

The Transart self-directed educational experience

- Summer intensives in Berlin, winter sessions in New York City.

- Workshops, seminars, talks, critiques, cultural excursions, exhibition and performance opportunities every residency.

- A highly individualized contemporary learning experience without grades.

- Realization of creative projects with the support of self-chosen advisors and curators.

- Low-residency format fosters a sustainable practice while balancing relationships and advancing your careers

- International make-up of students and faculty fosters exchange across cultural boundaries

- Offsite creative work, critiques and advisement wherever you live and work.
- Continue to exhibit, screen and perform your work internationally in the Transart Collective as an alumni.

The MFA Creative Practice is a student-centered, project oriented program which fosters independent thinking, risk-taking and the creation of an informed and sustainable art praxis. The program is tailored to suit the needs of working artists with summer residencies in Berlin, winter residencies in New York and one-on-one advisement during the academic year, wherever students work and live. Students are free to pursue work in any art-related genre and to create their own course of study, working independently and with the support of self-chosen studio and research advisors. Short periods of intensive residency permit students to continue with their professional work and keep a balanced personal life while participating in the program.

The PhD Creative Practice is a low-residency three year program in which the creative work is the research.

Transart Institute
Transart grew out of a desire to go beyond established institutional education where pre-formed and pre-formatted knowledge is passed on to all students in the same way. Transart works the other way around: a plethora of models and diverse input in a multi-perspective environment form a truly student-driven program. The Institute is also a platform for faculty to expand their teaching praxis by making space for creativity and experimentation. Beyond its educational objectives, Transart is engaged in building an international community in support of students, alumni, faculty and their artistic and academic practices.

Admissions with consideration for scholarships deadline March 1st