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02 Dec 2016

BALKON | Contemporary Art Magazine | Yearbook 2013–2015

BALKON | Contemporary Art Magazine | Yearbook 2013–2015


Fény utca 2.
1021 Budapest

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As the leading periodical on contemporary Hungarian art Balkon is entering its 25th year. Focusing on Hungarian and international contemporary art with an interdisciplinary approach Balkon features articles and interviews on exhibitions as well as on prominent events in the art world within Hungary and beyond. Presently, Balkon is the largest and most diverse forum in the print media for art criticism in Hungary. Reviews of numerous exhibitions and art events as well as exclusive interviews with artists from both the local and the international art world that are published solely on its pages making Balkon particularly significant as a document and a source for various contemporary artistic practices. (István Hajdu, Chief Editor)


László Kertész: Interior-Music | Villő Turcsány: Pendulum Tuning

Sándor Hornyik: The Archaeology of Knowledge in the Morgue | Tamás Komoróczky:  Everything Eats, Everything Is Eaten

Dávid Fehér: 'Poetry is Made with a Hammer...' | A conversation with Günther Uecker

Gábor Pfisztner: Argikeraunos | Dezső Szabó: High Voltage

Hajnalka Somogyi: TEOTWAWKI | Tamás Kaszás: Relics of the Pan-Periphery (sci-fi anthropology)

János Áfra: A very Sad Story | Lajos Csontó: Funny Story

Judit Csatlós: In-Between Spaces of Memory | Trail. The exhibition of Beatrix Szörényi and Zsolt Tibor

Júlia Perczel: Conceptual Sensuousness | Amplified Space — Acoustic Experiments with Space

Zsuzsanna Kemenesi: Sent Mail to the Church Interior | Endre Koronczi: Ploubuter Park

Mónika Zsikla: The Exhibition of Eszter Wolf and Iván Patrik Kund

Jan Elantkowski: The [Silent] Power of Remembrance | [Silence] – A Holocaust Exhibition

Attila Tamás Doboviczki: Pro/Contra | Szirtes János' Anniversary Exhibition

Károly Kókai: Independent Contemporary Art | OFF-Biennale | Budapest, 2015

András Forgách: Being Born, or the Rendering of the Impossibility of Rendering | On the pictorial dimensions of the Son of Saul