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23 Nov 2016

Call for Art Collectives / Artists' Groups / Art Curators to join 'Personal Relations'

image @ Teo Faust

Personal Relations International Touring Exhibition


Open Call for Art Collectives / Artists' Groups and Curators 'Personal Relations' International Touring Exhibition Rolling Deadline

Cristiana Bottigella

17 Harts Lane
SE14 5UP

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'Personal Relations' is looking for art collectives, artists's groups and curators worldwide to join the international touring exhibition.

In a time of global political anxiety, where national identities and borders are reinforced in the name of security and guarantees, 'Personal Relations' intends to create unexpected and appealing international cultural bridges and to foster a sense of unity and collaboration alongside artistic excellence and innovation. The project aims to achieve this by curating the production of a collection of new works the size of a mobile phone created by artist members of different international artists' associations.

'Personal Relations' is an international touring exhibition where the large collection of miniature-portraits will attain something far greater than the sum of its parts. The project is not intended as an exchange but as a unique body that grows thanks to the contributions of each artist and organisation collectively. As the miniature portraits were originally made and often given as a political gift to a king or ambassador, the project also aims to strengthen international bonds on an artistic level. The smartphone screen also echoes the miniature-portrait, and has become the natural home of the 21st Century portrait, playing a treasured part in many people's lives.

The miniature-portraits' tour will be launched in London at The Cello Factory, on the 9th of December 2016., with 150 artists showcasing their work. The touring exhibition will then travel to The Hague (The Netherlands, February 2017), Vicenza (Italy, April 2017) and elsewhere in Europe and beyond.

We would like to engage with art collectives in different countries worldwide to create long-lasting international connections, networking opportunities and a platform for cultural exchange.

Please contact us if you would like to explore the opportunity to be part of 'Personal Relations', bringing the project to your city.

Participating groups on board so far:

The London Group, London (UK)
Pulchri Studio, The Hague (NL)
This is Not Art, Vicenza (Italy)