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21 Oct 2016


DANIEL BUREN, Photo-souvenir -Affichage sauvage, travail in situ, Paris, avril 1968. Détail © DB-ADAGP Paris

Toute première fois | October 16 – 31, 2016
22 Visconti - Paris


Exhibition: 16.10.2016 to 31.10.2016 An exhibition conceived by Francesca Napoli & Armelle Leturcq Open Monday through Friday, 11 am – 7 pm Private viewings by appointment

Béatrice Martini
+33 1 46 33 96 12

22, rue Visconti - Paris
75006 Paris

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On the sidelines of the FIAC art fair, 22 Visconti is hosting 'Toute première fois,' an exhibition conceived by Francesca Napoli, independent curator and art historian, and Armelle Leturcq, co-founder of the review Blocnotes and Crash magazine.

It began with two ideas.
The first: to go where no one ever goes. The second: to show what few have the pleasure of seeing…

From October 16 to 31, 2016, the pair of curators have brought together some forty international artists, representing every generation, around an original theme: to present a major piece that embodies a 'first time ever' in their career as an artist.
First time ever: for young talents still thirsting for new experiments, for established artists bold enough to exhibit an early work.

'Conceived as acts of disobedience towards the laws of aesthetic, political, economic, and moral order, the pieces are on display for the first time: early pieces, pieces that for whatever reason never left the studio, groundbreaking pieces, and pieces that have yet to be created,'
explains Francesca Napoli.

Among the artists on display: Francesco Arena, Stefano Arienti, Maja Bajevic, Keren Benbenisty, Daniel Buren, Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Côme Clérino, Loredana Di Lillo, Jimmie Durham, Paolo Giardi, Raymond Hains, Robert Janitz, Michel Journiac, Renato Leotta, Julio Le Parc, Emanuele Lo Cascio, Saverio Lucariello, Margherita Morgantin, Gianni Motti, Nøne Futbol Club, Nunzio, Giovanni Oberti, Jorge Peris, Frank Perrin, Alessandro Piangiamore, Enrique Ramirez, Sven Sachsalber, Rose Salane, Sam Samore, Elisa Sighicelli, Apolonia Sokol, Vedovamazzei, Luca Vitone, Klaus Weber, Sislej Xhafa, Italo Zuffi

In turn, some of the artists were asked to invite other artists who have inspired or challenged their conception of art. In this way, a story of friendship, exchange, and resonance springs up in the fertile borders between each work.
Paintings, photographs, sculptures, video, and more: 'Toute première fois' was conceived as a journey of discoveries and surprising works.

About 22 visconti
The concept behind this independent art space comes from Frank Perrin, photographer, artist, and co-founder of Crash magazine. The dream of opening an intimate space in the heart of Saint‑Germain‑des‑Pres, dedicated to art in every form has now become a reality with this multifunctional locale where a single watchword reigns supreme: substance.
For Francesca Napoli: '22 Visconti is one of what we call the outer spaces that are writing the history of tomorrow. A place of beauty and liberty, free from any kind of fixed system, where there is no limit to the things one can imagine.'