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18 Oct 2016

Berlin Sessions open call for residencies

Berlin Sessions Residency
Berlin Session


Andrzej Raszyk

Berlin Sessions
Anton-Saefkow-Platz, 13

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Berlin Sessions is an art platform that aims to promote the cultural mobility development of international artists. It is conceived to offer curatorial experience, network building and logistic support in the art sector to artists and creative industries professionals interested in gaining an insight into the Berlin vibrant art scene.

The residencies are conducted in collaboration with funding bodies such as universities, art councils or foundations who, together with the Berlin Sessions staff and selected applicants, draft aims and objectives of the program and are responsible for a successful finalization of the mobility program. The platform do not support endeavors where the artist or curator has to carry the cost of the program.

Prior to commencing the residency, both the sponsoring organisation and Berlin Sessions are in dialogue with the residency candidate, outlining a program specific to their research focus and practice. All three parties are invested in the success of the project and have equal evaluation measures.

The residency can be planned according to the needs and budget of the artist and involves curatorial feedback, project management support, dialogue in studios of Berlin based artists, networking, visiting theme specific events (conferences, exhibition openings, festivals and group discussions).

Upon further agreement, Berlin Sessions can also support the realisation of exhibition projects, presentations, panel discussions, performances and video interviews (with the approval of the sponsoring organisation).

As residency providers, Berlin Sessions do not support endeavors where the artist or curator has to carry the cost of the program. That is why the platform is offered exclusively to bodies who are ready to finance individual projects partnering-up long- or short-term with Berlin Sessions.

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