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21 Sep 2015

Florian Japp - Objekt 096 at ROCKELMANN&, Berlin



Opening: October 01, 2015, 6-9 pm Duration: October 02- December 05, 2015 Gallery hours: Thurs. - Sat. 1 - 6 pm


Schönleinstr. 5
10967 Berlin

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ROCKELMANN& is proud to present 'Objekt 096', Florian Japp's first solo exhibition at gallery. The exhibition space is consumed by a large-scale installation made up of multicolored brackets and links that crisscross and dictate the path you walk – mirroring the systems of control found in roads networks and airports. The gallery space is condensed to a game of lines and colors, evoking a claustrophobic reflex that seems excluding to the viewer.

Florian Japp's work originates from a personal observation of the puzzles found in everyday life, as a reflection of the specific appearance and functionality of individual urban objects or equipment. Japp acknowledges the aesthetic dynamics in these objects. By isolating them he provokes a discussion about the intuitive handling of form, material, surface and color.

His work has been described as „minimalist' and „pure sculpture'. He pursues objects by characterizing the directness and physicality through sleekness and aesthetic distance, evoking a deeply physical and sensual emotion. At the same time, his sculptures have a narrative character that explore balances of power and the starting point of interpretation.

Part of the charm of his work lies in the oscillation between disclosure and determination. It awakens memories of familiar images, structures and mechanisms. Pristine, highly polished shapes imply a completeness but the feeling of the void requires a closer look. In this installation, there is a constant push and pull between the missing links, enabling one to continually interact with the work despite its it sometimes seeming to push you away.

We find that Japp's work is in constant flux, an interplay of delicate and coarseness, from soft and hardness, structure and smoothness. This type of susceptibility generates a translation which opens up a new level of communication: reflecting on objects that question our ideas of aesthetics, comfortability, and mobility. But it is through the lack of functionality of the individual objects or equipment that viewer finds the playful apprehension between the link of art and design. Japp thus opens up a discourse on how we consume and understand what we see, compelling the viewer towards a moment of recognition.

We welcome you to join us for the opening of ' Objekt 096' on Thursday, October 1, from 6 to 9 pm.