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28 Sep 2015

Bautista at the Foundation for the Museum of Man

Politics of Symmetry. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Foundation for The Museum of Man


September 24 until October 24

Karon Corrales
+504 2220 1678

Foundation for The Museum of Man
Casa Ramon Rosa. Barrio El Centro.
Tegucigalpa. Honduras.

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The Foundation for the Museum of Man proudly presents the first solo show on Honduras of the Salvadoran artist BAUTISTA, with the support of The Fire Theory. The show is made by 12 pieces (1 installation, 6 videos and 3 web objects, also 1 web project), of those, 10 are recent and inedited production: Politics of Symmetry; Father, Mother, Son; New Promises; Reverence; Maps of the Sky; Testimony; The Frame Within the Existence Happens, Relations of the Divided Body, Origin of Forgetfulness; Manifesto of Death.

The exhibition is an existential and poetical visit to an inevitable circumstances situation about the inner imaginaries and shelters. Bautista unfold with an hermetic viscerality one set of images designed to perceive and reflect, making bridges between poetry of reality and media and social visuality, as well as to the institutionalism itself.

About the show Bautista says: 'The term Democratization of Fear, is a shape that, I think, describes organically a process of forced involvement with social environments that many Latin American countries have contemporarily. The person doesn't chooses to be afraid, but, the phenomena that raises the interaction with her/his practice of fear, generates new structures to deal with it, and understand it as a conscius decision, that rethinks the reach for sense'. Viktor Frankl portraits this on a very detailed way on Man's search for meaning: ''The way in which a man accepts his fate and all the suffering it entails, the way in which he takes up his cross, gives him ample opportunity--even under the most difficult circumstances--to add a deeper meaning to his life..'

'Bautista's work is integrated as a first person narrative in which each viewer creates the world they want for themselves, but where is in no way to perpetuate it rather than assuming its social and collective rol, is revealed as a confrontation to different types of realities, not only context but also intimate realities that become habits, norms, customs and policies, but taking the anonymity of the beholder; enabling everyone takes some of that imaginary of real, where Bautista only places a number of fragments to be completed by the person who sees it, at the end of the day 'The reality of all of us has also become realistic' and accomplice.' (Edith Medina).

Bautista is a salvadoran artist (Santa Ana. 1987). Fellowship for Emerging Artists at the Santa Fe Art Institute by the Harpo Foundation, Baja California, EU. Residency of the Americas, by the Darling Foundry Centre, Quebeck Canada. Residency through the Ministry of Culture of Colombia and Taller 7 at Medellin, Colombia. Recently Solo exhibition on the ExTeresa Art Museum. Mexico, D.F. and Shangyuan Art Museum. Beijing, China. Participated in 'X', Museum of Art of El Salvador and Gallery Ernst Hilger. Vienna, Austria. Triennal of Milan. Milan, Italy. VII Biennial of Visual Arts of the Central American Isthmus; Biennial of the Frontiers, Tamaulipas. Mexico. Founder member of The Fire Theory. Has been nominated two times for the grant of the Cisneros Fountanals Art Foundation and the Paul Klee Summer Akademie by the Paul Klee Foundation on Switzerland. Collections at the Illy Art Collection, Venezia, Italy. Publications on Contemporary Languages of Central America by Luisa Fuentes Guaza. Editorial Turner. And Y.ES. Collect Contemporary Art in El Salvador.

LITTLE STORY ABOUT DEMOCRATIZATION OF FEAR will remain open from thurstday September 24 until October 24 of 2015. Entrancy free.