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18 Sep 2015

Billboard LA SHOW


The Billboard Creative Q4 Show
The Billboard Creative


Submissions from all disciplines are now being accepted for the Q4 2015 The Billboard Creative show, which will be curated by internationally renowned artist Mona Kuhn. The Billboard Creative is a nonprofit that mounts/hosts/produces public art shows on billboards throughout Los Angeles. Imagine the impact of your original art viewed, on a massive scale, by tens of thousands of Angelenos on their daily commutes. Selected Artists will have their work shown on a billboard in Los Angeles for one month. Deadline is 16 October 2015 / Open Internationally Submissions welcome from all disciplines.

Adam Santelli

Vantage Ave
Studio City

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The Billboard Creative (TBC) is a non-profit (501c3) organization that turns remnant, or unsold, billboards into public art sites throughout greater Los Angeles. Our goal in this work is two-fold: to provide opportunities for artists to share their work with a broad audience; and, to make art as accessible to Angelenos as the numerous billboards that we view everyday.

We very excited to announce that internationally acclaimed artist Mona Kuhn has put her curator hat back on for our Q4 2015 show. Well known for dream-like images of the human form, Kuhn's work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world including: Deichtorhallen, Le Louvre, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art....More


TBC partners with companies that rent unsold outdoor ad space. We select billboards from their inventory to stage month-long outdoor art shows. We publish a map of each show and distribute it to our subscribers. We also distribute it to the press and promote it through social media.

The number of billboards in each will vary depending on the number of submissions received, the availability of viable and current market prices for available billboards. By viable we mean billboards that exist in well-traveled (car and foot traffic) locations. One example of 'location viability' is the billboard pictured on our HOME page, located at the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax, a block from Los Angeles County Museum of Art .

All billboards will include the artist's name. Our website will have images of each selected work, the artist's name and a link to their website. It's a very simple, fluid, and straightforward process.


ELIGIBILITY: We accept most forms of art including photography, painting, sculpture and written word, web art. Currently we can only work with digital files. So if you are a painter, sculpture, 3d artist, web artist, your submission needs to be an image of your work. There are great examples of how this looks on our website.