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08 Sep 2015

Performing Objects at Enough Room for Space

Still from Corner Sessions, Bas Schevers, video, 2015

Performing Objects during Brussels Art Days 2015
Enough Room for Space


11 September 2015: 16:00-21:00 (Opening) 12 & 13 September 2015: 12:00-18:00

Marjolijn Dijkman

Enough Room for Space
Sterstraat 10 Rue de L'Etoile

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Performing Objects experiments with objects and their possibilities to act as an interactive performer towards its users or audience. This project researches different ways artists can anticipate this process during the conceptualisation and the conception of their work. This exhibition is a dialogue between the artists who are regularly involved in the project Performing Objects and guest artists we have invited in relation to our interests. The exhibition will take place at the head quarters of Enough Room for Space (including its project space, the guest accommodation, the studios) and outside in the surrounding public space. The exhibition will present video works, installations, sculptural works and there will be performances happening during the three days.

With new and existing works by: Céline Butaye, Alice De Mont, Marjolijn Dijkman, gerlach en koop, Toril Johannessen, Frank Koolen, Nicolás Lamas, Bie Michels, Anouchka Oler, Odilon Pain, Anne Marie Sampaio, Bas Schevers, Alina Tenser, Nico Van Dijck, Kristof Van Gestel, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek, Herman Van Ingelgem, Lorelinde Verhees.

Enough Room for Space
(ERforS) is an interdependent art initiative that initiates and coordinates events, residencies, research projects and exhibitions worldwide. ERforS acts as freely as possible, always putting the context and the idea before the medium, challenging the barriers between different disciplines (artistic, scientific or activist).

Curated Tour part of Brussels Art Days:

'The proposed map takes into account the expectations and contradictions that attend drafting a route of non-profit art spaces within the larger framework of a gallery weekend. What distinguishes most of the presentations organised by these spaces as part of the Curated Tour – in contrast to the gallery and institutional shows – is that they are not necessarily oriented towards the display of artworks' - Caroline Dumalin (curator at WIELS)