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07 Sep 2015

Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) issue 8 out now

Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) issue 8 out now
Journal for Artistic Research (JAR)



c/o Society for Artistic Research
Brunngasse 60, PO box 675
CH-3000 Bern 8

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Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) issue 8 out now

The online, peer-reviewed journal for the publication and discussion of artistic research.

The journal is totally free, as is access to our entire back catalogue of issues.

New issue with contributions by:
Anna Walker (GB), Espen Lunde Nielsen (DK), Anna Laine (SE), Hilde Blix & Geir Davidsen (NO) and Deborah Middleton & Tim Moss (GB)

Artistic research in the fields of theatre, visual art, music, dance, video, architecture, photography and installation. Keywords include trauma, autoethnography, critical spatial practices, diaspora, conceptual blending, brass and Bakhtin.

Browse the issue here.

'Appropriation usually refers to the use of somebody else's work as part of a new work. This new work depends on the meaning of what has been appropriated; nevertheless, at the same time, the original meaning has shifted in the act of appropriation. There is something transgressive – if not aggressive – in appropriatory practices since they add to and take away meaning in a mode not determined by the appropriated. The gesture is one of independence... Publications, when seen as appropriative, open up work to understanding while, at the same time, stepping out of the confines of interpretation and criticism. Whether branded 'research' or not, this is how the myriads of artists' books, for example, may also be seen and it is a model that should not be excluded from journal publications of artistic research.'

Read the full editorial.

JAR publishes research in a manner that respects artists' modes of presentation and incorporates web-enabled possibilities for a mix of media, collaboration, debate and discussion. The journal promotes experimental approaches to both writing and reading research, while carefully fulfilling the expectations of a peer-reviewed academic journal. We welcome submissions from across and between disciplines, from artists worldwide, with or without academic affiliation.

Call for submissions
As interest in the Journal is growing, we have moved to three issues a year. JAR9 is currently in review and we are now seeking submissions for our tenth issue. The forthcoming deadline for submissions is October 15, 2015.

Send your correspondence to Barnaby Drabble, Managing Editor, Journal for Artistic Research (JAR),

JAR works with an international editorial board and a large panel of peer-reviewers.

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Schwab
Editorial Board: Annette Arlander, Sher Doruff, Barnaby Drabble, Mika Elo, Julian Klein and Isidro López-Aparicio


JAR is published by the Society for Artistic Research (SAR), an independent, non-profit association. You can support JAR by becoming an individual or institutional member of SAR. More information can be found on our new website. For updates on our activities, join our mailing list.