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21 Aug 2015

Looking for Meaning at Peacock Visual Arts

Artist - Zafar Ahmad

Looking for Meaning
Peacock Visual Arts


Opens 22 August 2-4pm and runs until 3 October

John Morrison
0044 (0) 1224 639539

Peacock Visual Arts
21 Castle Street
Aberdeen, AB11 5BQ

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Peacock Visual Arts is proud to announce Looking for Meaning, a unique exhibition of works by artist Jean Paul Baptiste, also know to his friends and family as Zafar Ahmad.

Looking for Meaning opens 22 August 2-4pm and runs until 3 October in the reception gallery. The exhibition coincides with FUTUREPROOF 15 being held in Peacock's main gallery.

The exhibition will include an assimilation of works that are not connected though a common vein and bare little or no resemblance to one another. Rather, they portray a schizophrenic representation of the current times of purely superficial and aesthetic fleeting attention spans, reflecting the multiplicity of personality and the ongoing search for a non-existent singular meaning.

It will also include visual excerpts represented photographically of Aberdeen.

In 2014 Baptiste lost his right eye, which has manifested an increased creative output due to the weight of uncertainty of vision and the possible loss of his left eye in due course.

Perceptions to capture and embrace visual data as tightly as he can while he has the opportunity, has weighed very heavily upon Baptiste, like a brief fleeting moment, the last grasp before it will eventually go and the realisation of the very transient and temporary footprint that we have.

Speaking about the exhibition, Baptiste said: 'I'm very pleased to be hosted by Peacock Visual Arts of Aberdeen, an interdisciplinary creative workhouse, to dispatch a show of my recently concluded works.

'Looking for Meaning is a journey through a visual expression of my emotions defined in a variety of mediums in a short span of time.'