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21 Aug 2015

Call for applications for the Skaftfell Residency Program

Skaftfell Residency Program 2016
Skaftfell - Center for Visual Art


Deadline sept 1st. for applications for the long-term Residency Program at Skaftfell - Center for Visual Art

Litten Nystrøm and Julia Martin

Skaftfell - Center for Visual Art
Austurvegur 42
710 Seydisfjordur

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Skaftfell - Center for Visual art call for application for our Long-term Residency Program 2016, with the deadline of September 1. 2015.

The residency program at Skaftfell is aimed primarily at visual artists but those with an interdisciplinary practice are also eligible to apply. The aim of the program is to create and nurture an environment for inspiration; to encourage artists to experience life and work in a unique micro community where creativity is applied to the everyday; to foster a sense of community between artists and the public in the rural setting of East-Iceland; to facilitate circumstances for artists to experience, reflect and explore new possibilities for their practice and provide conditions that stimulate the dialogue between art and life.

Residencies and facilities

Skaftfell offers a Long-term Residency Program with a duration from 1 to 6 months and a Short-term Research Residency Program at the Skaftfell Hub of 1-14 days duration.

The Skaftfell residencies are located in various charming old houses in the town of Seydisfjordur. All locations have separate bedrooms, bathroom with shower, kitchen, a living room / studio area, work tables and internet access.

The Long-term Residency Program offers both an Exclusive Residency with the sole use of self contained apartment (monthly fee 85.000 ISK) and a Collective Residency option within a shared, house with combined living and working spaces and with a private single bedroom (monthly fee 60.000 ISK). The Group Residency  includes accommodation suited for groups in a house or apartment with a number of bedrooms and access to the Bookshop - projectspace (monthly fee 90-130.000 ISK).

Application details

The call for applications for the Long-term Residency Program 2016 is open until the deadline of September 1. 2015. Applications must be submitted via the online application form and accompanied by the required documents.

More details and the application form can be found via our webpage: