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29 Jul 2015

Call for Applications for the Artist-in-Residence-Programme 2016

Call for Application AIR Programme 2016 in Vienna and Salzburg
KulturKontakt Austria


Deadlines: September 15, 2015;
August 31, 2015 for composers, arts and cultural educators

Brigitte Burgmann-Guldner & Nicole Marjanovic-Zoubek
+43 1 5238765-0
+43 1 5238765-20

KulturKontakt Austria
Universitätsstraße 5
1010 Wien

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Call for Applications for the Artist-in-Residence-Programme in Vienna and Salzburg 2016

In co-operation with KulturKontakt Austria, the Austrian Federal Chancellery makes available 50 residencies in Austria (Vienna and Salzburg) for the year 2016.

The residency is designed to offer an opportunity to familiarise oneself with the Austrian art scene and cultural environment and to make contact with Austrian artists. Residents are expected to complete a project during their stay.

During their stay, the artists in residence will be made familiar with the art scene and cultural environment. Activities on offer include visits at galleries, studios and museums, contacts to the literature and publishing sector, as well as access to Vienna's or Salzburg's music life. Whenever possible, the residents will receive free tickets for art and book fairs, performances at the Tanzquartier Wien, the international ImPuls Tanz dance festival and other events.
During their stay in Salzburg, the artists in residence will be taken care of by Kunstverein Salzburg.

There is the possibility of participating actively in the Artists-in-Residence-go-to-School-Programme of KulturKontakt Austria (the programme includes reading events and workshops at Austrian schools).

This call is open to artists whose permanent place of residence is outside of Austria and who have completed their training. Austrian citizens cannot apply for this programme.
A basic working knowledge of German or English is required. The age limit for applicants is 40 years, i.e. the applicants' date of birth has to be after the 31 December 1975.

Artists who have already participated in artist-in-residence-programmes organised by KulturKontakt Austria, the Austrian Federal Chancellery or the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, the Arts and Culture are not eligible for participation.

Applications can be submitted for only one of the following disciplines:
• Visual arts
• Art photography
• Video and media art *
Interdisciplinary arts **NEW
• Composition
• Literature
• Literature for children and young people
• Literary translation
• Arts and cultural education ***

*For organisational reasons, the programme cannot accept applications from the film sector (shorts, feature film, documentary, avant-garde or experimental film, etc.).

**Interdisciplinary arts. This sector is open to artists who work in an interdisciplinary manner involving two or more artistic disciplines or a combination of art and a scientific discipline (e.g. natural science). This concerns projects at the interface between art and science which, as a function of their quality and model character, are conducive to the development of new thematic fields in art and culture.

*** Arts and cultural education. For an application in this sector please consider that arts and cultural educators are responsible for the pedagogic part of an exhibition, concert, theater etc. and in charge for the communication between the audience and the artists or the art. Arts and cultural education can take place in a variety of settings, including arts education in formal and non formal educational institutions and educational programmes in cultural institutions.

Length of stay varies as a function of the artistic discipline:
• Residency of 3 months for visual artists, art photographers, interdisciplinary artists, composers, video and media artists
• Residency of 1-2 months for writers and literary translators
• Residency of 1 month for arts and cultural educators

The artists in residence will be selected by sector-specific expert juries.

The grants are funded by the Austrian Federal Chancellery within the framework of its Artist-in-Residence-Programme. KulturKontakt Austria acts as an advisor and provides organisational support.

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