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10 Jul 2015

Eda Soylu: Promotion of „Sickening The Beautiful' at BERLINARTPROJECTS

© 2015, a film by Alexia Fernandes and Julien Menand

Sickening The Beautiful


BERLINARTPROJECTS is proud to present the second short film in our series of introduction videos. 'Sickening the Beautiful,' 3 min. 06 sec.

Barbara Arens-Post
+49 30 240 876 06 0

Potsdamer Straße 61
10785 Berlin

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In this short film we follow the artist Eda Soylu on a trip to Berlin. She speaks of her influences, her life in Istanbul and, in particular, tells us the story behind the series and the House Frowned, which gives expression to the artist's conflicted attitude towards Auschwitz as a site of terror, but also a place of great beauty. A contrast of feelings that sickened her.

Using concrete and flowers as her main materials, Eda reflects on death and immortality, on the actions of killing and preserving, highlighting these opposing forces in her new piece Wallpaper. She sheds light on how her work is linked both to the culture of strength and fragility and to the processes of oppression and suppression in her home country.

Eda Soylu (b. 1990, Istanbul) graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with BFA (Hons) in painting in 2013. She works in a variety of mediums with a focus on sculpture and installation. Her pieces have been shown in various exhibitions in Italy, Germany and the United States.