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10 Jul 2015

Experiment, Fabricate Online, Exhibit in NYC: Digital Fabrication Residency

Shadow Skulpts, Rebecca Norton, 2015

Experiment, Fabricate Online, Exhibit in NYC: Digital Fabrication Residency
Digital Fabrication Residency


Summer Session 2 deadline: July 20 Fall Session 1 deadline: August 15 Fall Session 2 deadline: September 15 Online/Onsite applications accepted on rolling basis.

Kari Lorenson

Digital Fabrication Residency
109 South Street
Easton, MD 21601

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Digital Fabrication Residency is a professional development program engaging artists with digital tools for project visualization and fabrication workflows for 3D printing, CNC routing, laser cutting, digital embroidery, textile printing, animation and other platforms. A core concept of this program is to engage in the digital craft of making as it concerns technology augmenting with traditional fabrication concepts, processes and materials. Residents learn software workflows and become knowledgeable in current applications of technology in the production of art. Residents accepted into the summer and fall programs will have the opportunity to exhibit artworks created in the program in an exhibition in NYC organized by Digital Fabrication Residency.

Our program consists of an Online Program that includes group workshops, individual project development, guest speakers and invaluable resource information for understanding digital fabrication workflows. We also offer an Online/Onsite residency that is specifically catered to individual project goals that develop initially through online project development finalizing with onsite learning with machines and fabrication with the artist. Both programs provide artists with limited licenses to selected software and optional 3D print, laser cut, textile print or digital embroidery resources. Also as part of our programing, Digital Fabrication Residency hosts online guest speaker presentations during the residency session that are open to residents and the public.

To learn more about the range of topics covered in DFR Group Workshops visit:

Digital Fabrication Residency seeks to empower artists with working knowledge of digital tools as they concern contemporary art studio practices. From concept to execution, we offer a range of informative programs and services to educate and facilitate artists. We welcome applicants of beginner to advanced levels. Please see our application for additional information concerning application requirements and residency participation fees. Extended residency sessions are available for accepted applicants.

There is a required $15 application fee. To apply visit:

To learn more about the Subsidized Residency Work-Exchange Program visit: