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01 Jul 2015

n.paradoxa vol 36 (July 2015) Humour!

cover of n.paradoxa volume 36

Feminist humour! vol 36 of n.paradoxa
KT press


vol 36 n.paradoxa (July 2015) Sales: 500+ articles from 80+ countries since 1998 ISSN: 1461-0434 (Jan, July) 96 pp.

Katy Deepwell

KT press
38 Bellot St
London SE10 0AQ

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n.paradoxa:international feminist art journal's 36th volume focuses on the question of feminist humour in contemporary visual art by women artists.

The authors in this volume explore how humour emerges as a subject in performances, installations, photography and multi-media works by women artists from USA, Brazil, Russia, China, UK, Slovakia/Czech Republic, Austria and Australia.

'There are many varieties of humour in art (visual and verbal): parody, irony, wit, aphorism, satire and absurdity in different forms, not to mention verbal slips of the tongue, unintended statements or malapropism (after the strange verbal substitutions of Mrs Malaprop!). Humour is a response not just to boredom and frustration but sexism, narrow thinking, racial prejudice, homophobia and/or restrictive social mores. It can also confront common social fears in an attempt to defuse and ridicule them.'
....'If you need an antidote to rigid applications of identity or national politics defining humour, just remember, feminist humour has been generated by more than grumpy old women, the crazed and zany exploits of breastfeeding mothers without sleep and the wit of a young singleton's desperately-seeking diary.' (Editorial)


– Jacki Willson ''Piss-Takes', Tongue-in-Cheek Humor and Contemporary Feminist Performance Art: Sarah Maple, Oriana Fox and Ursula Martinez'

– Rosa Nogues 'Laughing Their Way to the Limelight: Ines Doujak's Dirty Old Women'

– Laura Castagnini 'Performing Feminism 'Badly': Hotham Street Ladies and Brown Council'

– Mare Tralla: Self-Irony, Parody and the Absurd: Iliyana Nedkova in conversation with Mare Tralla

– Rachel Epp Buller Birthing the American Absurd: Maternal Humour in Contemporary Art: Marni Kotak, Gail Rebhan, Jill Miller

– Jane Chin Davidson 'Performative Laughter Camp and the 'Cat Lady' of Kristina Wong'

– Sofia Gotti 'Eroticism, humour and Graves: A conversation with Teresinha Soares'

– Lenore Metrick-Chen 'Art as an Invitation to Agency: Challenging State Patriarchy at the Site of the Body: Gao Ling and NvAi; ManYee Lam; He Chengyao'

– Lusia Petukhova 'Teresa Art Group's Aphrodite's Girdle'

– Elina Suoyrjö and Heather Phillipson 'The Mess of Getting into It'

Artist's Pages:

Anna Daucíková Three Scenes and other works

Guerrilla Girls celebrating their 30th Birthday:
Not Ready to Make Nice And Still Counting


A pictorial overview of Women artists at Venice Biennale: All The World's Futures

n.paradoxa is published in January and July annually since 1998.
96 pp. (16 pp. colour) ISSN: 1461-0434
500+ articles by artists and writers from more than 80 countries.

See also our new searchable list of over 1000+ MA/PhD theses on feminist art from 35 countries since 1974 on our website.

Our call for papers for future volumes into 2017 is now updated and online at

Editor: Katy Deepwell
International Editorial Board: Renee Baert, Silvia Eiblmayr, Joanna Frueh, Janis Jefferies, Bisi Silva, Hilary Robinson, Hiroko Hagiwara.
Each volume: £9 posted to UK/Europe, £12.50 to USA/RoW
Print subs. from £18 (UK/Europe), £25 (RoW). Electronic subs. from £15
30% discount sale of back volumes in print (excl. 36) until 31 July 2015.