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10 Jun 2015

Smörlyckan – a large yellow sculpture filled with art

Smörlyckan – under Construction. Photo: Peter Johansson

Jönköpings läns museum


Vernissage: Saturday, June 13, 13 p.m. Press preview: Thursday, June 11, 10 a.m. Press contact: Lena Andersson, professional communicator

Lena Andersson
+46 36 30 18 22

Jönköpings läns museum
Dag Hammarkjölds plats 2
553 22 Jönköping

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The changing fashions of time influence both what museums acquire and what individuals donate. The manner of displaying a collection of works also changes. We, that is artist duo Peter Johansson/
Barbro Westling, have now been given the great honour of making our own selection from the Jönköping county museum collection and presenting it in whatever way we choose. The art, including
new loans, can be viewed in the large yellow sculpture. The name of the exhibition has as much to do with the Farmer's Almanac as with the world of art. Lycka is an old Swedish word for an enclosed field, which, if exceptionally fertile, was called a smörlycka (literally 'butter field' or more humorously 'butterhappiness'). Our aim has been to show the fertility of art, and our guiding principle to focus on folk art, that which was once referred to as naïve. It is the sheer artistic breadth and quality of the collection that fascinated us; so we have decided to build Smörlyckan with many nooks and crannies to accommodate the full bounty of artistic expression.

Exhibitions don't get much butter than this!

Peter Johansson/Barbro Westling