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02 Jun 2015

Open call for solo exhibitions in Amsterdam, Madrid and Milan.

Open call for artists to realize 7 solo exhibitions in Amsterdam, 6 solo exhibitions in Madrid and 4 solo exhibitions in Milan. Applying for these opportunity is possible up until, and including 12-06-2015.



via Bortolazzi, 57
San Donà di Piave, Venezia

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T.I.N.A. is an International platform that allows artists to get in touch with a network of galleries and curators interested in evaluating new projects. T.I.N.A. is open to all artists, regardless of age, technique and nationality.
Enrolled artists will interact with an international team of curators, every edition different and constantly growing, and with galleries composing the jury sorted by city. Each gallery will evaluate the work of all participating artists; will choose its favourites and nominate a winner to organize a solo exhibition. Each gallery will appoint one winner. In the current edition we will appoint 17 winners of 7 solo exhibitions in Amsterdam, 6 solo exhibitions in Madrid and 4 solo exhibitions in Milan.

Galleries in Amsterdam:
Fontrodrona Artspace
Home of Art
The Bookstore Foundation

Galleries in Madrid:
Combustion Espontanea Art Gallery
Factoria de Arte y Desarollo
Galeria Dionis Benessar
Galeria Juca Claret
Modus operandi
Quinta del Sordo

Galleries in Milan:
Galleria Bianconi
Galleria Giovanni Bonelli
Maurizio Caldirola Arte Contemporanea
Galleria Giuseppe Pero

The basic subscription to T.I.N.A. Prize costs 35 euro and includes the registration to one city with one image. Your registration will last 12 months from today and will allow you to enter all cities of the network at only 15 euro each all year round. Each season our net proposes a new open call in three different cities.

More info and enrollments on:
Deadline: 12 June 2015.