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25 May 2015

Apoteka - Space for Contemporary Art presents Nick Oberthaler & Dino Zrnec: Closed Circuit

Closed Circuit
Nick Oberthaler & Dino Zrnec
courtesy of the artists

Nick Oberthaler & Dino Zrnec: CLOSED CIRCUIT
Apoteka - Space for Contemporary Art


The exhibition is open until July 30, 2015 Working hours: by appointment


Apoteka - Space for Contemporary Art
Trgovacka - Merceria 20
52215 Vodnjan - Dignano

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Nick Oberthaler &
Dino Zrnec


23. 5. - 30. 7. 2015.

Double solo exhibition Closed Circuit by Nick Oberthaler and Dino Zrnec at Apoteka / Space for Contemporary Art brings together an artistic collaboration that builds up on issues of representation, possibilities of painting as a medium and institutional practice, the process of exhibiting, questioning spatial relationships artworks assume to perform. Through minimalist and conceptual strategies and the tradition of abstract art and based on their previous research and the interests, the artists are developing a complex installation engaging the gallery space seen as expanded studio practice, as part of a process and reflection on the spaces where art is produced and exhibited.
It is a way of conceiving a space through the orchestration of fragments. The artists alternate materials and techniques, loosely arranged, putting them in dialogue. Closed circuit is developing around the deconstruction of the language of painting itself focusing on the process of the construction of a work of art, having in mind the unity of the gallery space and the artwork seen as an encompassing complex installation, questioning the boudaries between presentation and representation.

Nick Oberthaler (b. 1981, Bad Ischl/Austria) lives and works in Vienna.
Dino Zrnec (b.1983, Zagreb, Croatia) lives and works in Zagreb and Vienna

The exhibition CLOSED CIRCUIT by Nick Oberthaler and Dino Zrnec at Apoteka continues to investigate 'temporary encounters' established as a framework for the 2014 - 2015 programming, exploring different dynamics, spatial relations and interactions between objects and subjects, dismantling procedures, processes and relationships within the work of art and the gallery space.
Apoteka is curated by Branka Bencic.

The exhibition CLOSED CIRCUIT has been made possible with the generous support of:
Bundeskanzleramt der Republik Österreich / Sektion Kunst

Apoteka space for contemporary art opened in 2013 in Vodnjan (Croatia, Istria) is a new project space, where different exhibition formats and a variety of artistic positions, practices and media are explored and made visible. It is a place for artistic and curatorial research and discussion, working as a flexible format 'in between' – different positions and ideas: as a project space, a gallery, an office, an agency, focusing on presentation, exhibiting, research, development in the field of contemporary artistic practices in Croatia.

Apoteka is supported by:
Ministry of Culture Republic of Croatia, Region of Istria Dept for Culture, City of Vodnjan