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26 May 2015

The 2015 Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts can accept last-minute applications

2014 course of Doug Ashford, photo: Pia Streicher

This is your chance: a few courses are not yet fully booked
Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts 20/07–29/08/2015


Doug Ashford, 17–29 August 2015 Ben Katchor, 20–25 July 2015 Marc Monzó, 03–22 August 2015 Nora Schultz, 10–29 August 2015

Gabriele Winter
+43 662 842113

Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts
Franziskanergasse 5a
5020 Salzburg

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It's the end of July, beginning of August: nothing happens, galleries are closed, everyone seems to be on vacation. Not so in Salzburg. Escape the hot cities, enjoy the fresh air and dedicate yourself to your own artistic practice. We can offer a large variety of topics and media. Suggestions see below. Ensure your place at the Summer Academy and send us your application here.

Doug Ashford
What is 'the human'? What distinguishes man from animal or from machine? What are the specific options open to human conduct, and how can these be considered through art? In this course, the renowned artist, writer and founder of New York artists' collective Group Material encourages a speculative and nonlinear body of collaborative artistic research and practice, that aims to expand definitions of human life, bodies, and politics as experienced by class participants. Key in the students' work will be designing proposals that challenge the received expectations and qualities of 'humanness' as it is defined by the present.
Duration: 17–29 August 2015
Fee: € 680.- (reduced € 520.-)
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Ben Katchor
How can comics be presented or performed? In this course, outstanding New York cartoonist Ben Katchor will explore the worldwide traditions of illustration and comics in performance. Projects will include narrated slideshows, narrated panoramic drawings, and toy theatre construction and performance. In a series of exercises, students will compose their own texts, and then expand upon those texts through drawings that address object and spatial description.
Duration: 20–25 July 2015
Fee: € 440.- (reduced € 360.-)
Further details

Marc Monzó
The Big Bang as the starting-point for jewellery objects – this is the idea that jewellery artist Marc Monzó from Barcelona will pursue with his students. The current level of knowledge is that everything that exists – including ourselves – is a fragment of the unity which exploded, and which has somehow always been there. Participants' work should express their own relation to the beginning of the universe. Particular attention will be paid to fine-tuning certain jewellery-making techniques which will enable participants to convey their message precisely.
Duration: 03–22 August 2015
Fee: € 920.- (reduced € 680.-)
Further details

Nora Schultz
Nora Schultz takes the story of a man who lived for twenty years in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris because he had lost his identity documents as background for a course devoted to sculptural production. You probably remember the film 'Terminal' by Steven Spielberg which is based loosely on this true story. The Terminal serves as a metaphor. The connection with theoretical, scientific models, with fictional or filmic narratives and other artistic works is just as relevant as the question of how 'immediate reality' can be integrated into artistic work.
Duration: 10–29 August 2015
Fee: € 920.- (reduced € 680.-)
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Regular application

All prospective participants must apply for acceptance. On the basis of the submitted dossier, the teachers select participants. The fees are between € 440.- and € 1,160.-, depending on the duration of the course. Students are entitled to a reduced fee. All applications are welcome, and will be processed in the order received, according to vacancies in the courses.
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